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Web Development Articles

Web Development Articles

Implementing New Technology

There are amusing and horrific stories of the trials and tribulations associated with the transfer of technology, and the implementation of new systems and architecture. There are lessons that we can learn from those who have blazed the trails before us, and those who have been burned by the blaze. Get your fingers ready to count the five fundamental considerations for implementing new technology.

XHTML - Kicking And Screaming Into The Future

XHTML, the standard, was first released back in 2000. Roughly five years later we begin to see major websites revised to use this standard. Even the favorite whipping boy of standards-compliance punditry, Microsoft, presents their primary homepages, msn.com and microsoft.com in XHTML. Standards compliant XHTML sites are still the minority. The reason is simple. When the W3C released the new standard, the rest of the web running on HTML did not cease to function. Nor will the rest of the web, ...

Rich Internet Applications: Has Microsoft Finally Seen the (Silver) Light?

What Are Rich Internet Applications? Rich Internet applications provide an end user with an interface that is more responsive than traditional applications. Many of the frameworks used to create these applications, including both Microsoft Silverlight and Flex, bring more of the processing to the client rather than leaving it on a centralized server. The user's browser does not exchange large, monolithic blocks of information, but rather sends small pieces of data at a ...

How To Get Quality Web Content

The Importance of Quality Web Content - And How To Get It. Search engine optimization is crucial to get traffic to your membership site. You likely already know this because it's difficult to avoid. Everyone and their brother has an idea about how to best go about getting your membership site listed high on the search engines. The truth is actually much simpler. The truth is that content always has been and is still the key to search engine optimization.

Web 2.0 Concepts to Keep Your Members Coming Back

Web 2.0 Concepts to Keep Your Members Coming Back Again and Again and AgainWeb 2.0 may be the most overused, and misunderstood, term of the decade. What it means, in a nutshell is providing a user driven website. Basically many membership marketing websites are Web 2.0, especially social networking sites. The users determine the content in the form of forums, blogs, article posting, reviews and so on. To further enhance the usability of your website and thus the benefit to your members, ...

40 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Website Visitors

Let me start this article by asking a simple question to you. If you give contract to build your home, to whom you will give? Someone new or someone who is trusted by your close friend or relative? Of course the answer is someone trustworthy person/company by you directly or by someone in whom you trust (your friends/relatives). As you know that 'Trust' is really important in life and that's what exactly I want to mention here to bring success in your website. As a business person, remember ...

Top 10 Application Security Vulnerabilities in Web.config Files - Part Two

An additional problem is that Web.config files were designed to be changed at any time, even after the Web-based applications are in production. A well-intentioned system administrator could inadvertently get around application security measures and open the Web site to attack just by modifying the configuration file. And because .NET configuration files operate in a hierarchical manner, a single change to the global Machine.config file could affect every Web site on the entire network.

Preparing for successful and professional online presences

As the importance of an internet presence becomes increasingly evident to those offering any form of practices, services, business, or information - the implied question is how to go about obtaining a website designed, developed and promoted to best meet your goals?

What to choose: web site template or custom development?

In our time of rapid development and growth of Internet and Internet technologies more and more companies understand that presence of web site has beneficial influence on development of business. There is no doubt about that, but a question appears: “what should site be to positively influence business and not bring heaps of problems?”.

Dynamic Site Design: Keeping Your Pages Uniform

At my company we build dynamic websites - sites which constantly adapt to user input and allow for extensive content management by site administrators. Regardless of the amount of information on a page, the design should adapt, maintaining its professional appearance.

Learn HTML Through Theft & Mutilation

Anyone serious about having a website needs to know something about HTML, the computer code of websites.

Auto Redirecting What It Is and How to Use It

Many web designers are using auto redirecting techniques lately for a number of reasons. Auto redirecting occurs when a visitor to your website is automatically sent to another page when he or she has landed on a given page. This other page is frequently located on the same website but can also be located on an entirely different website.

Using 301 Redirects

Before we go any further, you are probably wondering what in the world 301 redirects are in the first place am I right? You've heard the term, heard people asking about it and are curious but it just sounds so technical you aren't sure what to do with it.

Cooking up a Great Web Site

The elements of a website; Would you leave out the eggs when making cookies? It is important to add all of the ingredients to a recipe in order for the end result to come out how it should, the same goes for making a website. It is important to have all of your elements in place, i.e. navigation, content, promos etc.Too often I have had clients all wrapped up in the ‘pretty’ and look of thiee site and not the ...

Web Accessibility: Web Design for the Mobility-Impaired

Mobility impairment isn’t always as obvious as you might think it is. You don’t have to imagine extremes of disability like paralysis or missing limbs. Try imagining a simple fall or other accident that results in both hands in a cast and unable to use a mouse. Now, with that in mind, open your website in your browser, put an unsharpened pencil in your mouth, and try to use the eraser to push the TAB key till you get all the way to the main content of your page. With a properly placed ...

Web Accessibility: WCAG 2.0 and You

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled series on web accessibility for a not so late breaking news flash (sans Flash, of course.) It seems that the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is on the verge of releasing a whole new set of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines called WCAG 2.0. With numerous changes in place, it now seems that the whole set of guidelines that many of us have worked so hard to implement are all kind of up in the air.

Processes in Website and Application Development

Almost all top most companies engaged in the field of software development follow best practices followed in the field of software engineering.The solution provided by McDaav Systems is based upon the Rational Unified Process and we follow UML 2.0 specification while doing System Analysis.

Different Ways To Redirect Visitors To Any URL You Want

URL redirection can be used for many purposes. Maybe you have just moved the content of a webpage to another webpage or domain and you want to redirect the frequent visitors of your website to the new webpage automatically. The knowledge of technique of redirecting URL is also useful if you want to shorten a long affiliate URL.

Web Sites... In The Beginning

For many business areas, the Internet has set a new standard and changed the playing field. To take advantage, you need a site. But where do you start?

Remembering Your First Internet KISS

Do you remember your fist KISS; was it really how you imagined it would be? Well let me continue. If your first kiss was disappointing, was it through lack of knowledge of how a kiss should be, or was it simply your nervousness or anticipation of what was coming that made it such a flop. Your excitement growing more and more, as the moment arrived, your throat drying by the second, hands and knees trembling. Then it was gone in an instant.

10 Quick Website Maintance Tips

1. Keep all your images in a subfolder. If your file is something.com/index.html, then your images for that should be in something.com/images/

Introduction To Regular Expressions In PHP

In Linux and Unix, the syntax that is commonly used by many applications for specifying text patterns is known as regular expressions or in short form - regex. Regex is a very powerful technique to describe patterns and many programs use them to describe sequences of characters to be matched. Search programs such as 'grep' rely heavily on regex. Basically regex forms the core in the linux world. Many scripting languages such as perl, ruby, php...etc has build in regex functions as ...

XHTML (eXtended Hypertext Markup Language): An Overview

Many Web pages today are poorly written. Syntactically incorrect HTML code may work in most browsers even if it doesn't follow HTML rules. Browsers employ heuristics to deal with these flawed Web pages; however, Web-enabled wireless devices (such as PDAs) can't accommodate these hefty Web browsers. The next step in HTML’s evolution comes in the form of XHTML (eXtended Hypertext Markup Language), which is basically a combination of HTML and

Making a Web Content Site a Media-Friendly One

It has always been a very tough competition among PR pros to get the attention of the media. In Public Relations, often, professionals are faced with the awful truth that no matter how relevant and good their stories are, many ended up in trash, or worst, others were turned down before they could even start introducing their pitches. In this kind of profession, everyday seemed to be a struggle. If PR pitches are rejected by journalists, the message to be conveyed dies out instantly no matter ...

Your Home Business Site's Usability Can Increase Your Buyers by 40% and Boost Each Order By 10%!

Is your site easy to use? Usability isn't the same as design. Just because you've hired a talented designer to craft your site and make it look great doesn't mean it's easy to use. Looking good is a completely different matter from working well! After all, plenty of beautiful sites have won design awards while losing customers by the thousands.How many times have you gotten lost on a good-looking site or abandoned a purchase in frustration after you couldn't find ...

XML (eXtensible Markup Language): An Overview

As web developers know all too well, basic HTML (HyperText Markup Language) doesn't provide any structure to Web pages, and the formatting is mixed with the content. To allow Web pages to be structured for automated processing (e.g. electronic commerce), the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) developed an enhancement to HTML. The result were two new languages; one was XSL (eXtensible Style Language), and the other was XML (eXtensible Markup Language), a system for defining, ...

Making your Website Memorable

To do this you must make your site and company stand out in your prospect's mind. Design your website to impressInformative content to make your visitor thinkProduct and book reviews that will pique curiosity.Hot in demand product and serviceSimple navigation to draw them into your site.Good small graphics aimed to entice.Fat loadingNicely presented font and coloring that does not take ...

Contracts with Web Site Designers and Hosting Companies

There are many aspects to website development agreement, particularly if there are to be on-going things for the designer to do once the site has been set up. The core issues that should be considered are set out as follows...

Key Considerations in Web Site Development Agreements

When web developers and their clients get together, there can be a variety of different responses. Some are so keen to get on with the project that they completely ignore the legal contract; others simply work on the standard terms and do not bother looking at them; still others sit down and negotiate an agreement that works for both parties.

The Brother-in-Law Syndrome Applied to Websites

The Syndrome This article could have been named “my neighbor down the street” syndrome or “my niece” syndrome. It’s really a “fill in the blank” syndrome that indicates a person’s response to the thought process for developing (or re-developing) a website for your company. This syndrome kicks in when your response is “Oh, my brother-in-law does websites, he can do one for our company”.Have you uttered those words? Do you know of someone who has said ...

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