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VoIP Articles

VoIP Articles

Voip Broadband Phones - What Should You Know?

The expanded form of VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. The most significant factor that affects the functioning of the VOIP phones is the Broadband Internet Connection, which is a high-speed internet connection and will be used for making and receiving phone calls. As there is a use of broadband internet connection in VOIP phones, they are also known as, "Broadband phones."

Hello, World; Hello, Voip Telephony

The world has shrunk, thanks to an invention called the Internet. Communication is now made easier. Barely two decades ago, a person in Thailand has to wait for weeks for a letter from the United States. Now, a letter can be sent in a matter of seconds, through e-mail or electronic mail. A few years ago, talking to a person halfway across the world is guaranteed to cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Now, with the advent of VoIP telephony, it costs nothing more than a local phone call ...

6 Voip Features That Attract People

VOIP is an advanced technology which has surpassed the telephone companies and the mobile companies. Its popularity is increasing enormously with an increase in its network coverage. It has proved to be an astonishing invention which has created a new mode of telecommunication by using internet. VOIP is an abbreviated form of Voice Over Internet Protocol.

VOIP-Voice Over IP at Home: Is it Right for You?

VOIP-Voice Over IP at Home: Is it Right for You? By Andrew Kelly. VOIP AT HOME What is VoIP? Chances are you've heard of VOIP, or "voice over Internet." If not, you will soon, as major phone companies are now trying to get in on the action. Why? VOIP allows users to make phone calls using their high-speed Internet connection. This essentially translates into "free" long distance, or, depending on set-up, unlimited long distance for a low set price for the service. ...

Google Talk Creates Universally Available VOiP Service

Google Talk Creates Universally Available VOiP Service With the past record of Google's ability to enter into and quickly dominate entirely new fields, an incursion by Google into new territory is definitely something worth taking seriously. Voice over Internet Protocol technology is no different, and right now Google appears to be making a play for a greater share of the VoIP market. There are several ways in which Google could come become a bigger player in the VoIP market. One of ...

Why There's Lots of Hype About Skype

While a lot of the different VoIP services out there have similar features, there's one that really stands out with the number of interesting ways that it (and its users) have found to take advantage of the technology. This service is called Skype. Skype has all of the normal features like caller id, call forwarding, voice mail and the like. But some people have found ways to make it do a lot more. For example, there are ways to make is so that a Skype account can coordinate conference calls ...

The 7 Cardinal Sins Of Buying VoIP

For most companies and many individuals, signing up with a VOIP service is a no brainer. For a fraction of what most people pay for a tradional telephone service, you can have a feature rich communications sytem. But there are a few pitfalls that people fall into time and again. Make sure you aren't one of them. 1) Missing Out on the Best Deal - So you know that you can make a big saving by switching from your traditional phone carrier to a VOIP service. But did ...

VoIP Flexibility and Features

There is no doubt that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has many advantages over traditional calling, but one advantage that might not seem obvious at first is the flexibility that VoIP possesses.

Are You Ready For VoIP?

So does the abbreviation VoIP leave you dumb struck? Don't worry; even I was when I heard about it for the first time. The clouds parted when I discovered what it stands for: Voice over Internet Protocol.

The Growing Trend Of VoIP Telephony (VoIP)

Your local phone service provider is looking over their shoulder at what is coming up fast behind them. VoIP – Voice Over Internet Telephony – is gaining ground and is no longer considered a fad, but a strong and viable alternative to traditional phone service. By routing conversations over internet broadband lines, VoIP calls can be made quickly and cheaply thereby saving you, the consumer, plenty of money compared to traditional phone service. Recent improvements in VoIP technology have ...

The Internet - The World's Greatest Telephone for the Success of Your Business

Business owners of companies both large and small can achieve rich improvements in their operations if they start to ask themselves regularly, "I have just been handed a powerful new tool. It essentially lets me costless communicate with anyone on the planet. How can I best use it to my advantage?"

VoIP - Does It Live Up To All Of The Hype?

Commercials. Web banners. Radio spots. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen them all. As Voip providers ramp up their advertising campaigns, prospective Voip subscribers can’t help but wonder if Voip all that great or a bunch of hype? With all of the vonage commercials with the catchy tunes, the big traditional phone service carriers pushing their own Voip services, and the larger than life posters and cutouts in the electronics stores more and more people are becoming aware ...

VoIP - Does It Live Up To All Of The Hype?

Commercials. Web banners. Radio spots. There’s no doubt that you’ve seen them all. As Voip providers ramp up their advertising campaigns, prospective Voip subscribers can’t help but wonder if Voip all that great or a bunch of hype? With all of the vonage commercials with the catchy tunes, the big traditional phone service carriers pushing their own Voip services, and the larger than life posters and cutouts in the electronics stores more and more people are becoming aware ...

VoIP - Should I Or Shouldn't I?

Have you been considering VoIP for your phone service? Are you still on the fence as to whether or not to try this technology?

All You Want To Know About Web Conferencing

All You Want To Know About Web Conferencing You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Web Conferencing in the following paragraphs. If there's at least one fact you didn't know before, imagine the difference it might make.

VoIP Training - An Inside Look

Whenever there's a new technology, there's an almost immediate demand for technical support and this is true of VoIP systems. But where can you expect to get that support? It may be more available that you expect.

Goodbye Skype – Hello Competition

They’ve taken their time but there are now a plethora of companies offering quality competition to the Skype world of internet VoIP telephony. Danny Wirken takes a closer look.

Skyping with yourself – the new VoIP phenomenon

With the vocal complaints of a large number of Skype users now reaching fever pitch, Danny Wirken summarises the latest offering from problem-ridden Skype – talking to yourself.

Skype versus Yahoo

With the influx of complaints regarding Skype’s fall from grace, Danny Wirken measures up the top competitor and internet giant Yahoo!’s news internet telephony service.

Business VoIP

Communication is deeply essential in any business, running a business requires for every department to be in constant communication with each other to avoid confusion. Each division has an important role in keeping the business running. Without communication, each one could be operating solely on their own devices and could conflict with the operation of another. That is why successful businesses maintain a high quality telephone system for their communication strategy.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems are used with Voice over Internet Protocol technology. VoIP is the technology used to transmit audio as data or Packets over the Internet to either a computer user or to a landline telephone. VoIP is increasing in popularity, as it is highly valued for its great quality, low cost, sometimes completely free and has incredible features. VoIP phone systems are a viable solution for business needs as well. This will also allow long distance calls for either free or for just ...

Using VoIP With Your Cell Phone

Before many of us came to rely on cell phones to make long distance phone calls, our only option was to commit to a long distance phone company. Long distance carriers charged what were at times exorbitant by-the-minute fees to make calls to friends and loved ones often living only a few hours away. When cell phones came into prominence, they brought with them service plans that gave us such luxuries as free night and weekend calling anywhere domestically. Alas, even cell phones had their ...

VoIP And Local Telephone Companies

With VoIP technology entering the mainstream, it brings the possibilities or huge profits for the companies that provide the service. The current promise of cost savings is driving more and more residential and business users to investigate this technology. But the local telephone companies are not going to give up customers without a fight.

VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

Voice over internet protocol or VoIP is beginning to come into it’s own. The promise of cost savings over traditional phone lines is driving this technology into the mainstream. Leveraging your existing broadband connection to save on your monthly phone expense at first glance makes sense. Let’s take a closer look.

The Basics Of VoIP Devices

Making long distance phone calls usually means that you have to commit to a long distance carrier through your phone company, and pay often steep per-minute charges and fees just to call a friend or loved one. Often, the cost of the phone call depends on the day and time of the day that you are making it, as well as the location you are calling to. The minutes you talk add up quickly, and the monthly long distance bill can be a shock to your system and your bank account. Fortunately, there is ...

PC To Phone Using (VoIP) With Dial-Up

Have you heard that you can make phone calls over the internet cheaply? Have you had a chance to try it? Most people that have had a chance to try it have experienced hit or miss quality, dropped calls as well as some speech delays. But there are some steps that you can take to really improve the quality and consistency of you VoIP calls over your internet Connection.

VOIP against the traditional phone services

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - allows you to make telephone calls using a computer network in very simple way . It converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that’s why you can speak to anyone with a regular phone number. You can change the way you think about long-distance phone calls. People generally like to use the new technology because its costs are less than traditional phone Below are listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of using VOIP .

Questions And Answers On VoIP Phone Service

What is VoIP phone service? VoIP phone services let you replace your traditional landline phone with one that connects over the Internet. Today, your phone works on what is called the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), a private network that reaches into your home through the standard phone jacks in the wall.

VoIP - A Closer Look At Choosing An Internet Phone Service

Voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) services are certainly becoming more and more popular and for the most part it's because they are a quality alternative to traditional landline and cell phone based calling plans. I'm no prophet but the future of the technology and how people make phone calls is definitely pointing towards VoIP.

What's The Story With VoIP?

Unless you've been residing in a cave for the last few years, you've probably at least heard the word "VoIP" even if you didn't understand what all the excitement is about.

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