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Do You Need Links to Your Site?

Posted by Max Ledbetter on: 2005-08-11 14:15:03

Self SEO > Link Popularity Articles

I realize that in an ongoing attempt to rationalize self-interest and self-image (in other words, they want to pull the wool over our eyes), a motley crew of so-so consultants are constantly trying to create a few convergent global Internet policies composed of extraneous and ad hoc rules backed up by little more than rumor and thin air.

Therefore, in comic defiance, I am listing a few automated link exchanges. It's fun, and irrespective of what the would-be experts say out there in waste-your-time-land, the automatic exchanges do bring you traffic and sometimes a sale or two. When your page rank is zero, what do you have to lose?

First of all, add your site to and to the automatic reciprocal exchange located near the bottom of

Then add your sites to these directories (the directories lead you to the sign-up pages of reciprocal automatic link exchanges containing 100s and 1000s of unique members running websites on separate, unique servers):

Here are a few of the very best free semi-automated link-trading services:,,, and

Then there is "Evolinktion is committed to creating the most thorough and relevant human compiled and maintained reciprocal link exchange network in the world."

And here's some fantastic free link-exchange software:§ion=dslinker

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