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Guide on Resale Rights for the Master Reseller

Posted by IF SERVE on: 2008-11-03 21:33:50

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

Imagine the situation. You just purchased resell rights to an awesome package of digital products that includes e-books, a set of PLR articles and a tool set for web masters. The sales page copy enthusiastically touted all the ways that resell rights products can be used to make income for you – from giving away free e-books on your own web site to selling the package to others. The buyers’ agreement says that you have digital resell rights. Can you put your own name on it and sell the package in your eBay shop?

Chances are if you do that, you’ll be in violation of your buyer’s agreement, at least in the situation described above. The entire issue of resell rights – and specifically what rights they grant you as a purchaser – is a complex one that is intertwined with intellectual property laws and distribution rights. Both of those fields are in a constant state of change, especially on the internet where the rights of authors, creators and copyright owners are still being defined. If you’re new to the master resell rights business, the terminology and legalities can be confusing. Heck, it can be confusing if you’ve been doing it for years, because the definitions keep changing as content sellers keep refining and redefining the terms under which they sell content.

In fact, what I’m telling you here, in this article, could be outdated in a week or two, so before we get into specific definitions of some basic resell rights terms, let me give you the #1 ironclad rule of buying any level of resell rights:

Always read the fine print in the terms and conditions agreement.

I mean, really really read it. The terms and conditions that are part of your buyers’ agreement SHOULD spell out exactly how you can use the content that you’ve just purchased. For more details visit to At the very least, it should define the terms for the rights you have purchased, because frankly, resell rights, basic resell rights, master resell rights, PLR (private label rights) and branding rights may mean different things to different sellers.

All right, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at the most common levels of resell rights that you can purchase with a product and what they mean.

Basic Resell Rights (resale rights)

Basic resale rights give you the right to sell the product to others. There may be restrictions on how much you can charge and where you can sell it. You may not alter the product or claim ownership of it. You may keep 100% of the sale price that you charge for the product.

Master Resell Rights

Master resell rights allow you to sell the right to sell the product along with selling the product itself. You may sell the product without including resell rights, or sell it as a package with the right to resell it. Unless specifically stated, you may not alter the product in any way, including by adding your own links or branding to the product. That means that even if there are typographical errors or errors in source code, you may not correct them before selling the product.

Private Label Rights

Private label rights are an entirely separate set of rights that may be included when you purchase resell rights. Private label rights give you the right to label a product with your own information. You can put your own label on PLR products and sell them as your own. In some cases, private label rights also give you the right to alter the product in any other way, but that aren’t always included as part of private label rights. In some cases, the changes you may make are confined to labeling and branding, or you may be restricted to only giving the product away. Be sure to check your agreement to see exactly what you are allowed to alter when you buy private label rights.

Unrestricted private label rights

When you buy unrestricted private label rights, the assumption is that you own the product and you may treat it just as you would if you had authored it yourself. That means that you may alter it, put your name on it, claim authorship of it, sell it in part or in whole, use parts of it in other projects. For more information visit to It may not include resell rights, however. You may be restricted to using the product – articles, photos, software or whatever – in your own projects, or giving it away for free. Be sure to read exactly what rights are being included with unrestricted private label rights – it may not be as unrestricted as you think.

Don’t let that scare you off, though. There is big money to be made in this field. It is easily one of the most explosive and profitable fields since the beginning of the web. Read up on all the ways that master resell rights and master resell rights products can build your business into an empire – and then start building.

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