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Cool Gadgets ? Try this one !

Posted by Philarmon on: 2008-11-03 21:29:11

Self SEO > Internet Articles

In the area of software and gadget reviews, there are tens of thousands of websites out there, but many offer regurgitated content from a select few sources. One of these sources is Gadget Advisor.

Even though it's called, "Gadget" Advisor, it doesn't just specialize in the gadget area. Of course, there are some gadget reviews, but this blog contains a healthy mix of both gadget reviews, and software reviews. This website also has reviews of some of the best Windows software, such as a Blaze Media Pro review, which is a very good piece of software, and well worth the price, as the article says. If one is searching for unique content on either gadgets or software, one doesn't have to look any further than Gadget Advisor.

Gadget Advisor is a very professional looking blog, with a great, aesthetically pleasing layout, and barely any ads compared to many of these other blogs out there. Apart from the looks, the content is just great. It is unique, and can't be found anywhere else on the internet unlike many other blogs' content. The logo, and even tagline are also pretty cool, and very original. The readability of the content is also very refreshing. With content that has obviously been carefully crafted, and is easily readable, you can't go wrong reading the reviews at Gadget Advisor.

Also, if you are looking for some of the best extensions for Firefox, Gadget Advisor is where it's at. Gadget Advisor houses a comprehensive article covering many types of extensions from ad blockers, to AdSense trackers, to weather alerts. If you are addicted to customizing your Firefox, you can find many quality resources that can help you do just that at Gadget Advisor.

When talking about gadgets, especially in terms of blogs and websites in the theme of Gadget Advisor, the word gets put into a smaller scope, and "gadgets" then turns into handheld electronic devices. Gadget Advisor is refreshing in that it keeps the broad scope of the term, "gadgets". The term "gadgets" on Gadget Advisor can refer to any piece of technology, such as a motherboard, or an SSD, or even a personal computer case. With this, Gadget Advisor strays from the norm even more, in order to bring you fresh, amazing content, seen nowhere else on the internet. Of course, they do also cover some of the more popular handheld gadgets, but they don't cover every single one that comes out, and give it hype like it will change humanity or something.

When looking at the layout of Gadget Advisor, it seems to fit the overall feel of the content fairly well. The professional feel of the writing coincides with the professional look, and of course, vice versa. It's also important to note the lack of ads. There are only three ads on every page, and all of them are nonintrusive, and on the sidebar. This means that the author actually cares about the content, and consequently you as a reader. This is refreshing, because most sites that start doing well progressively get more and more ads on them, because the authors of such sites only care about milking their readers for money, and don't really care about their content anymore. Gadget Advisor shows no signs of ever becoming that way, which is a really good sign.

On the software review side of things, Gadget Advisor also excels. They have some news and reviews that no one else seems to have, and they also don't review the same stuff that everyone else is, either. Of course, they covered the release of Google Chrome, but since other blogs did more in-depth reviews, Gadget Advisor just offered a brief opinion and a link to where to download it. Other than that, the software reviewed on Gadget Advisor isn't reviewed anywhere else on the World Wide Web, which says a whole lot about the attention, and time put into the content.

For unique fresh, unique reviews about both gadgets and software that can't be found anywhere else on the web, without a ton of ads, and a good professional approach, I'd look no further that Gadget Advisor.

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