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Improving Your Link Popularity With Directory Submissions

Posted by sunita biddu on: 2008-06-05 03:33:25

Self SEO > Link Popularity Articles

Directory submission services are a great way for your website to attain considerable online popularity. This is done by submitting the URL of your website to hundreds of excellent site directories, for the purpose of increasing its exposure in a specific category. Normally, people flock to directories to gain easy access to a number of sites, and you can benefit from this by making your website accessible in these directories.

When you submit your site to a directory, the name and URL of your website will come up during directory searches for a particular category. The websites in these directories are ordered according to groups, making it easier for internet users to find the specific site that they are looking for. Along with exceptional website content, appropriate keyword placement, and effective online marketing efforts, directory submissions will help your website achieve higher levels of long-term publicity and credibility.

The Clear Advantages of Directory Submissions

One of the plain advantages of manual directory submissions is enhanced exposure. Through this your product or service offerings will be more accessible to a wider range of clients. Your website is not merely available through search engines, but in various directories as well.

Secondly, this SEO technique will improve your page rank over time. As more traffic streams into your website, these web directories are bound to place you on higher rankings through a particular category. This translates to even more page views and increased quality traffic to your website.

Third, your website will gain better link popularity through link sharing. Directories typically classify the various websites, thus when one visitor clicks on a particular website, there is a good probability for the other websites to be viewed as well. This is primarily due to a sharing of links.

Relevant Linking from Directories

It is not enough for a website to achieve simple link building. A website must be able to attain appropriate link building. This means that the inbound links of your site should come from quality websites that search engines recognize, and one that is highly related to your website.

Search engines normally rank websites both ways: through outstanding website content and first rate inbound links. This makes linking an even more attractive goal for most websites. When highly credible websites link to your site, this means that your website must have top quality content. These inbound links are typically what search engines look for in their ranking trends and algorithms.

A poor link will be frowned upon by discriminating search engines. Since web directories normally divide websites into categories, there is always a better prospect for quality link building.

Submissions of websites to directories are typically done for search engine marketing purposes. There are hundreds of directories available online, and it is smart to choose the established and highly reliable ones. Any website will stand to benefit from this highly effective and reasonably priced SEO technique. The benefits of manual directory submissions will allow any website to weather the next competition within a cutthroat online industry.

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