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Dynamic websites in SEO services

Posted by Rajeev Guglani on: 2008-06-05 03:33:06

Self SEO > Search Engine Optimization Articles

Dynamic websites are those sites where pages are generally built using a programming language like asp, php and java. Dynamic websites are often data driven that indicates that website content is stored in a database and content from this database is accessed through dynamic code.

Dynamic websites are difficult to get indexed in major search engines. This requires professional optimization. Most search engines claim to index the majority of dynamic websites. Most of the search engines claim for indexing majority of websites but the fact is that it is limited to a small number of urls.

Then how to optimize a dynamic website in seo services so that it gets indexed by major search engines. There are various methods for this.

First is to use URL rewriting tools or softwares o convert dynamic URL to static URL. These tools are available on the web. Changing a dynamic URL to static help in getting your website easily indexed by the search engines.

Second is the use of CGI or PERL scripts to get your dynamic nature websites indexed by the search engines. This is considered as an easy method as you need to write a simple script to convert a dynamic URL to a static one.

Third method is to manage web servers. In case of apache server there is rewrite module that enables you to turn the url that contain query strings into those urls that search engines can easily index. This module is not installed with apache software by default. So it needs to be checked with your web hosting company for installation. In case of cold fusion it is necessary to configure cold fusion on your server so that �?� is replaced by �/� and passed the value to the URL.

Another method in seo services is creating a static page that links to an array of dynamic web pages. This is very effective when you own a small online store. When a static page is created linking to all the dynamic web pages then optimize this static page for search engine rankings.

Rajeev Guglani writes articles for SEO.He has vast exposure in writing for Web Promotions.He is working for NDDW. For Website Promotion ,Internet Marketing and SEO Services India visit http://www.nddw.com

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