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Blogs Build Up Back Links in Search Engines

Posted by Terry Detty on: 2008-01-20 01:44:42

Self SEO > Blogging Articles

One of the most powerful online tools that any online entrepreneur can use to quickly build up back links pointing to their sites is a blog or web log as it used to be referred to in the early days.

Actually there are very few other online tools that can be as effective as a blog in helping a webmaster build up the number of back links pointing to their site at high speed.

Link Bait Articles and Blogs

One of the most effective techniques to use with blogging is to create a link bait article on your blog. Link bait articles as the name suggests is the kind of article that provokes others to link to it. To succeed with link bait articles, you will need to be very focused about what you want to achieve because there are various techniques and the worst mistake you can make is to try and combine several of them instead of selecting one.

The most common technique is to target the most popular blogger for a well orchestrated campaign. You can contradict them on a certain controversial issue for instance. The idea here is to create a buzz around the controversy. The more people discuss the issue the more they will want to link to your article as they refer to it.

If you have access to explosive industry news that nobody else has, this is yet another way to create a link bait article or post. It will help if your news item is closely related to a hot topic of debate or discussion that is going on at the moment.

Remember that the objective here is to accumulate a high number of back links as quickly as possible pointing to your site. The effect of this will be to dramatically increase traffic to your site immediately and gradually to help improve your ranking with search engines so that you get even more traffic coming in directly from search engines.

Using Blogs to Create a Presence and Winning Image

Yet another way in which you can use blogs effectively is in creating a presence for yourself and an effective image. This is very easy to do. All you need to do is to launch a blog that shows off your expertise. And then to attract attention to yourself visit other blogs that cover a similar subject to what you are an expert in. Give free advice and useful incites but make sure that you do not link back to your site in your comments. Just concentrate on building up the right image you want as an expert in your field.

If you do this effectively, two things will happen. Firstly sooner or later those reading your comments will start to look for your site. Finding it should not be too difficult because most blog software links back to your site using your name. The blogs that do not do this like blogger will link back to your profile and so all you have to do is update your profile and it will be very easy to find your site. The last resort is to use your name on a search engine which most folks are able to do very easily.

The second thing that will happen is that as traffic to your blog grows, so will the back links to your site

Link to Other Blogs to Receive More Links Than You Can Handle

This strategy may look suspect but it usually works like a charm. It is based on the simple golden rule of life that to receive, one has to give first. All you have to do is to create a useful blog with plenty of valuable information and then link to other blogs and sites that are useful resources for further information concerning what you have discussed on your blog.

Now while it is true that not every site you link to will link back, the truth is that some will and if you continue with this practice for a reasonable period of time, you will end up with a sizeable amount of back links pointing to your site.

Blogs are very valuable online tools for helping any webmaster quickly build up their traffic and back links. And what is more blogs can be used in many different ways to accomplish this feat.

Terry Detty finds Search Engine Marketing and Press Release Distribution his passion. In addition to marketing, he enjoys reading and occasionally goes out for a short walk.  His latest interest is a newPress Release Service program he's been using.

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