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Can You Say "Google Me Today"

Posted by James Cobb on: 2008-01-20 01:25:51

Self SEO > Internet Articles

Search Google for, "golden arches," what do you find?

I'd be surprised if found, "McDonald's" is on top of the rankings. After exposing consumers to the golden arches for over 50 Years, you were trained to think "McDonald's," whenever we see those arches when driving, TV, and in print advertising. Powerful - don't you think? Could it work for you? Just think about it.

Let me ask you this. Would you think it would be powerful if you could say “Google Me Today” to anyone, a friend, a potential client, prospective customer, or even to an employer?

Would you rather brand the company or YOU? Which would benefit you?

When you hear “Trump” who or what do you think of? I am sure that you agree with me it would be Donald Trump. describes Donald Trump as “Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York, New York) is an American business executive, entrepreneur, television and radio personality and author. He is the CEO of Trump Organization, an American-based real estate developer, and the founder of Trump Entertainment, which operates several casinos. He received a great deal of publicity following the success of his reality television show, The Apprentice (in which he serves as both executive producer and host for the show). He is the son of Fred Trump who was a wealthy real estate developer based in New York City.” Just Google anyone famous and they will be ranked on top of Google.

CNN/Money Magazine says "You're only as good as Google says you are!". The fact is the branding yourself approaches is a must in today business world, in your online business, brick and mortar business, your profession, or job-hunting efforts by networking with people on an ongoing basis.

What are the value and benefits of branding and networking? The bottom line it all comes down to this….”You are important and it is you who people want to know first before the company” But too often, you sort yourself. You talk to people, pick up a tidbit or two and then move on, never to contact them again.

That approach is not only somewhat unprofessional, but it also fails to capitalize on the whole branding concept. You've given yourself only one brief chance to be remembered by the people you've spoken to. Instead, why not say “Google Me Today” and contact them several times over the course of many months? And while you're at it, why not do something to help them as much as they have helped you? In other words, Google Me Today is positively and memorably. How can you brand yourself among your networking contacts and create a mutually beneficial relationship at the same time? You can use the following strategies:

Do Not Forget….Keep in Touch

Ask them first. I can assure you the almost everyone will say, "Yes," because they want to help you and know you might be able to return the favor someday. So after you've spoken to someone, send a quick thank you note and let then know you will keep in touch. Then, do it. Follow up every month or six weeks with a quick email or phone call. Keep them up to date, and then ask how things are going. At the end of every email or conversation don’t leave out “Have You Google Me Today”.

Pay It Forward…Help

You might think you have nothing to offer your networking contacts, but that's not the case. We all know people who might be able to help others. Furthermore, we all stumble upon information that might be useful to others. For example, if you see a newspaper article or receive an email that one of your networking contacts would find interesting, forward it along (Pay it Forward). You provide help in return for having received it, plus you once again brand yourself favorably in the person's mind. I promise they will not forget who you are and what you are all about. Remember, you give and you will get.

Tell Your Contacts “Thanks You”

Thank them again for their help, and offer them your help if they should ever need it. This strategy is not only a touch of class on your part, but also gives you another opportunity to brand yourself in the minds of your new contacts.

Branding yourself and networking takes a little time, it is also a long-term strategy, and branding yourself using networking generally takes a little effort and patience. But you'll set yourself up very nicely, not just for short-term payoffs, but also for long-term success and stability. Not unlike a certain fast food chain whose golden arches have helped produce customers and profits for many years.

So take action today and commit to branding yourself. How about being place number one on Google & Yahoo in less then 24 hours. It’s only takes 10 minutes. Look at or even “Google Me Today”….Jim Cobb. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing about your success.

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