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How to Write Press Releases

Posted by Jeremy Gislason on: 2008-01-06 22:08:51

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

3 Simple Steps to Profitable Press Releases

Step #1 - Newsworthy Websites Generate Great Press

A successful publicity campaign using a press release requires a good story. You need to come up with something original about your site that will be interesting to the general public and not just to people involved in your niche subject.

Two ways to get interest in your press release are:

1. Relate your press release to a topical issue that has recently had a lot of media coverage. Tie it to anything - as long as it has relevance to your membership site.

2. Tie your press release into a particular event, exhibition or tradeshow that somehow relates to your niche subject.

Step #2 - Follow the Format


Cover the most interesting aspect of your press release in as few words as possible. Make it punchy and attention grabbing, with maximum impact.


This is your chance to add some detail about what your press release is about without spoiling the effect of your forceful heading.

Lead paragraph

This will be a factual paragraph giving all the details of your story. It will answer the questions who, what, where, when and how. If the editor has read further that your title, this paragraph will make up his or her mind about whether to use your press release.

Main body of text

The rest of your text will give information to support the story you told in the lead paragraph. Including quotes from your members is often an effective technique in this section, but remember to respect their privacy.


The final paragraph, known as the boilerplate, will be a few sentences about your membership site, what it is about and what you offer.

End your press release with the word "End", add your contact information after so the editor can contact you easily to clarify information.

Essential tips for writing your next great press release:

1. Always write in the third person.

2. Keep your press release as short as possible. Edit ruthlessly and get rid of any unnecessary words and phrases.

3. Avoid hype phrases to describe your membership site such as "one of a kind" or "out of this world". Your press release is not a sales pitch.

Step 3. - The path to profitable publication.

If you want to get your press release published offline, here are a few pointers:

Research your publication

Choose a publication that is suitable for your niche subject, and which will be read by your target audience. Read that publication regularly, and get an idea of the kind of articles they print as well as the tone used. Find out who the most appropriate journalist or editor would be for you to approach with your press release.

Make the call

When contacting the editor, your approach will be polite and professional. Always call before you send them your press release; busy people tend to delete unsolicited e-mail.

If you get their voicemail, don�t be afraid to leave a concise message with the main angle of your story and your contact details. Call again if you don't get a response for a couple of days.

If you speak to them in person, introduce yourself briefly and then check if you are calling at a good time. Offer to call back at a more convenient time if necessary.

Don't launch into a sales pitch about your membership site. Briefly give the editor the details of your story in a straightforward way.

Follow up - quickly

Have a press pack ready before you contact the editor and send this as soon as possible after you have spoken to them. This will consist of your press release and any appropriate photos etc.

Give the editor a couple of days and call again to follow up.

Jeremy Gislason is a leading expert on membership sites, marketing and online business. Do you want to market and sell all of your products faster? Free how to business and marketing courses at:

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