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Take a Sneak Peak at One of My Own Integration Marketing Projects

Posted by Nathan Vari on: 2007-12-03 01:08:26

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

How simple is this really?

Let me tell you how simple this process, really is.
First of all. As you can tell by now. I am not a technology guru. In fact, I despise programming.
But you see, none of that really matters. Here's why... you can hire someone to take care of the technical stuff for you.

I know... I already hear somebody whining... but I don't have the money to hire somebody.

Let me tell you. If your idea/product is good enough, coupled with the rest of what you are going to learn in the coming days, you'll make your money back many times over.
An in depth look.

Once you are aware of this process and how powerful it can be for your business, opportunities will pop out at you all the time.

For example. Yesterday a friend of mine was telling me about a fantastic program where I could keep in touch with business associates, family, and friends by sending them out a birthday card straight from my computer. (or for any other occasion for that matter)

This sounded great to me because I hate shopping for birthday cards. Its not that I mind taking the time to be thoughtful. I just don't like going out to the store 'just' to look for a card.

Anyway... At the end off the card customization process, and before the checkout, there is an option to send an additional gift to your recipient. i.e. gift cards, chocolates, etc.

Well, I have exclusive rights to market certain gift albums and this is the perfect spot to insert them into someone else's marketing process.

Just think about it. Let's say that this particular company has 100,000 customers. To be conservative let's say they only buy one person a birthday card per year. And out of that let's say that just a measly 1% of them actually purchase an album. To take it one step further we could say they are all cheapskates and only purchased the lowest priced album. And let's just say the profit per album is only $5.00.

100,000 customers x 1 birthday per year = 100,000 birthday cards sent out.

100,000 cards x 1% who purchase a gift album = 1,000
1,000 albums purchased x $5.oo profit per album = $5,000 in extra profit per year.

By now you realize that these numbers are extremely conservative. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if that figure turns out to be monthly or even weekly.
What is even more amazing is that this is as simple as adding one line to an existing drop down menu. Ha, I love it.

Nathan Vari is an expert internet marketer who's tactics has brought in thousands in increased sales to various companies and various business modles. His proven tactics for integration marketing work. Learn more about Nathan and these top secret tactis at http://www.IntegrationMarketingSales.com

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