How to Create Viral 7-20 Page Reports That Will Continually Suck In Money for You 24/7 Keyword Discovery
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How to Create Viral 7-20 Page Reports That Will Continually Suck In Money for You 24/7

Posted by Aurelius Tjin on: 2007-10-15 00:14:29

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

Creating reports is not as hard as it seems to be. One thing you need to understand is that a report is nothing more than a compilation of thoughts on a particular topic. So, if you graduated from high school, you can put together a viral report with pages between 7 and 20 for a cheap fee. Some other big internet gurus have sold 15-paged reports for a whopping $150! Joe Vitale created a 10-page report within just 5 days without even creating a viral mechanism for it and sold it for $150 each; amounting to $15 a page. While some of us mere mortals may not be able to achieve this super human feat, it at least just shows you how profitable reports can be. In this article we’ll be unveiling the secrets to creating viral reports that will keep grossing in sales for you long after you might have written it. It is really simple given the fact that it takes just about the same tactics to get it done.

There are various ways to go about creating a viral report. It could be through transcription; that is you translate an audio recording into an ebook or report. Lots of marketers have done this, and sold at a lower price. Most folks cannot afford the expensive teleseminars hosted by the top internet marketers. So, this option is really a form of relief for most who cannot afford the expensive costs of the teleseminars. You could also gather a collection of articles or newsletters you might have compiled over a period of time and compile them into a report. This method is usually best for series. For example, if you owned the series we did on article marketing, you could easily compile it together, add one or two touches, create a good sales page for it with lovely graphics and catchy features and sell off for just $14 each.

The third method could be as a result of finding out what questions are the most pressing issues at a point in time. Then find the solutions to those problems by doing some research on them and compile them into a well-written report. This method is highly profitable. You could write a 15-paged report and sell for just $29.99 and it will sell quickly and fast. You know why? You looked for needs that people will give anything to be solved for them. A typical example is children’s allergy. Anyone who comes out with a highly informative report on averting the allergies and possible remedies will sell it at any price he wants and still rake in tons of profits from it because up till the time of writing this article, no cure or solution has been found to this problem. This is just an example of profiting from reports that may not take you more than one week to write. Imagine making a total of $8,000 from a 36 hour investment. Awesome isn’t it? And that is not the end. You could easily replicate this in as many niches as you desire and these niches are limitless.

Creating a viral report that will spread like wild fire on the internet is a possibility if you know what to do and how to go about it. In case you are wondering what a viral report is, it is a report whose rate of spread over the internet is identical to the way a virus spreads either on the PC or among humans or animals –insanely fast!

How do you create a report that attains a viral status? Simple. Create a report that is vastly relevant and include incentives that will make people benefit from it. If you do this effectively, you will have a tremendous spread of the report over the internet in no time.

To make a report viral, there are three major tactics you could use:

1. Include a giveaway rights
2. resell rights benefit and
3. a rebrand rights benefit.

A resell rights benefit simply means the buyer has the right to resell the product and keep the 100 percent profits. This method is highly viable and increases sales conversion rates hence making more money for the seller of the product because of the benefit o being able to sell again and keep all the profits,

Another advantage this has is that the author of the report will still make money in the back end. How? By including links to his websites or products he is promoting by himself. So while people with resell rights are making money from selling the product and keeping all the profits, they are also indirectly promoting your products and expanding the reach of the report.

A report can also attain a viral level of exposure if you give people the permission to give away the product for free. This works like magic. Karen finds the report and is fascinated by it, and then she sends a link to Paul, Peter, and Jessie who in turn send it to four people each and so on and so forth. With this single method, you could have over 1 million visitors within one short month of releasing the report. Is that nice or what! Imagine the potential of duplicating these same results over and over again. To make money from this, you’ll need to include the links to your website, products that you are an affiliate of, or services you intend to sell. Imagine the potential of 1 million people seeing your products and services. If just one percent of them were to buy your product at $29 each -which is more than likely because of the relevancy and the referrals from friends- you’ll be grossing over $290,000 over that period of time. Not bad for an investment of less than $50.

The third tactic is giving away the rebrand or private label rights of the report. This means everything in the report can be amended. From the affiliate links to the name of the author. The bottom line is you lose all rights to the report. The only benefit is that you make money upfront after which the rest is out of your hands. As a result, you could end up seeing what looks like a mutilated version of your report somewhere on the internet. But in the end the end result would have been attained: Creating a viral report.

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