How to Drive targeted Traffic to Your Website and Earn Lots of Cash in the Process. Part 6 Keyword Discovery
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How to Drive targeted Traffic to Your Website and Earn Lots of Cash in the Process. Part 6

Posted by Aurelius Tjin on: 2007-10-15 00:12:28

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

To increase your traffic and profits using paid advertising methods, you need to know that while there are lots of methods, some hardly work. In this series, all we are looking at are tactics that will produce results. You will not get anything that does not work here. So, in this edition, we’ll be looking at three methods of paid advertising that keeps working:

* Paying to Build Email lists popularly known as subscriber lists.
* Paying to get listed in directories.
* Purchasing of Text links
* Advertising on EBay

If you cannot build your list yourself, you can get companies that will either help you build or who will sell lists to you depending on how much you are willing to spend. All you need do for this is simply search the web for those who sell email lists. I must warn you here that this is extremely risky because sometimes, these emails could be harvested, or gotten from third party companies and could have been sold to thousands of people who also require the same service. What usually happens in the end is the email list never produces results because they have been spammed continuously. If you decide to buy email lists, go to the forums and ask around for recommendations on any reputable email list broker. This will help reduce the risk involved and after searching, you are likely to come up with a very reliable email list provider.

Directories are a very viable way of generating website traffic. All you need do is visit these directories, look for their “add a link” link and enter your website address and description. The problem with this is if you use the free method, your link may not be listed until about 2 weeks and even then, may not attain top positions on the page. I mean what is the use of a link that is placed on page 10 of a directory. Unfortunately too, browsers usually don’t go further than page 3 of a directory. If they can’t find it there and then, they just assume it doesn’t exist. This is where it pays to pay for link inclusion. Yahoo has one of such services. For a meager $299, you will get your link reviewed between 72 hours and appearing in top positions in the yahoo directory. This will singularly boost your website traffic as people searching for what you might have to offer, see you link quickly and click through to see what you have to offer.

If you also want to increase your traffic, eBay is the way to go. EBay has an estimated volume of 2 million visitors everyday, all buying and selling products and services. All you need do is visit and sign up. Then, go ahead and start advertising your products in the right categories. This is usually done by placing bids on products that you intend to buy or listing your product. If your advert is placed in the right category, you’ll get lots of visitors clicking through to visit your website and see what you have to offer. Use them to your advantage and profit maximally from them using tips previously discussed in other series.

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