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How to Make More Money than Your Competition Using Reprint Rights Products they also sell. Part 4

Posted by Aurelius Tjin on: 2007-10-15 00:05:50

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In this last and final part of these series, you’ll learn how you can use simple tactics that I bet you may have thought of at a point in time. Know that all you learn from this last part is important. If you combine all the tactics we have looked at in the last three editions with this, you should have a money maker in your hands that you can use day in and day out to rake in funds for you. Before I go ahead, let me ask you: Do you have products that you bought which have resale rights, reprint rights or private label rights? If you do, you should know that this is a real cash generator.

In today’s series, we’ll examine the last key to profiting with resale rights products. This key which is an astonishing moneymaker is often ignored by many reprint rights marketers. Please note that the words “resale rights, reprint rights, private label rights” are all interchangeable. This simple key is called adding value to your products. How? Have you been to forums like digital forums where you see someone make an offer of about 3,000 ebooks with resale rights to them at a low price of $10? People simply lose money making this mistake. The idea behind it most times is the cheaper it is the better. Because people like cheap stuff, so they think offering the whole package at a ridiculously low price will garner more sales for them. While this works in the short term, it hardly pulls in too many sales. Imagine that if you have to make $4,000 a month –which is not much by internet marketing standards- you’ll need to sell 400 units in one month and 4,800 units a year when you can easily sell just 83.6 units at $49 each to make $4,000 a month. Less effort, more money don’t you think! Not to talk of working smart.

The reason it doesn’t is because people feel if the product was valuable, you would not sell for that low amount of money. So, how do you profit from these books? Easy. Create a five page mini-site for each of them. A mini-site for over 3,000 ebooks? Yes. That’s your best bet; and price it for between $19 and $49 or whatever price the vendor said you could sell it for. This creates a sense of value in the customer. It doesn’t take so long to edit the sales page –all reprint rights packages come with sales letter templates- You could use a software available at or Microsoft FrontPage if you have it installed on your PC or Mac. Buy a domain and hosting package. Then upload the files to your host server one after the other. If you cannot afford the cost of so many domains, simply create subdirectories or subdomains. So instead of having something like just, you could have for an ebook on saving your marriage, for ebooks on business etc. You get the idea. That way, you can promote the products singly; and on the main page, you could create something like a product listing for all of the products and grade them as in having a bronze package, silver package, gold and platinum packages and sell for $97, $197, $297, $495 each. That way you make loads of money from what your competition is giving away at ridiculous prices. Of course you’ll have to add a touch here and there, rewrite the sales letter, add a different set of graphics, but the returns in the long term are worth the while.

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