How to Make More Money than Your Competition Using Reprint Rights Products they also sell. Part 3 Keyword Discovery
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How to Make More Money than Your Competition Using Reprint Rights Products they also sell. Part 3

Posted by Aurelius Tjin on: 2007-10-15 00:05:22

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

As you have been following these series, I hope you have been learning a lot from them and putting them to good use. It would not only do you a lot of good, it will help you become better at what you do. At least you learned in the last edition that a little more adds value and pushes you head and shoulder above your competitions. Some of the principles you learn in these series are not just meant for marketing and selling. The can also be applied in your daily activities.

In this article, you’ll see how including a surprise gift for your customers and subscribers will boost your sales. Have you ever been surprised before? Say you went to a department store and bought a bottle of wine and as you were leaving, you got a wrist watch as a token of appreciation by the company that you patronized them. How would you feel if that were to happen? If I am right, not only will you continue to shop there, you’ll probably tell your friends about the store; right?

Now imagine applying this to your business. No watches please! I don’t want you to go bankrupt. Imagine the effect this concept will create in your business. That leads us to today’s topic which is giving away an “extra extra”. What I mean is asides the bonus you would have offered them, you still go ahead to give them an extra gift as “a token of appreciation”. While your competition is busy just selling the product only, you have not only given away awesome bonuses. You have also taken it upon yourself to give away another valuable gift. “Wait a minute! How do I benefit from this?” You ask. The gain is in the product you are giving out. In that product, you’ll have made sure your affiliate links and the link to your website is embedded in it. Then, you allow them the benefit of passing the book along to their friends if they find it useful –which they will.

Do you see the benefit now? Great! That’s to show you that if you will only think outside the box in a “think within the box world”, you’ll greatly stand out. Imagine the effect this will create. You have a customer who will sing your praises for as long as possible and help spread the word about your products while you still make money from the backend sales generated from any sale made when they clicked the link in the book –if it is a book- to buy the recommended product. Do you see the idea now? That’s why you’ll always make more money. So, you can sell an ebook in January, and still get affiliate checks from the sales of the links you recommended 6 months ago in an ebook you have probably forgotten about.

So you see the benefit comes in every way. You have a perfect win-win situation.
1. Your customer is more than surprised and satisfied by your products.
2. Your customer is happy you even gave him the right to give away the books if he wants.
3. He is happy that you did not deceive him.

On your own part,
1. You make sales in the front end
2. You make sales in the back end
3. You made a lifetime customer
4. Your products spread by word of mouth advertising
5. You get new buyers and more traffic is driven to your website as a result of the word of mouth advertising you got for free.

Not a bad idea eh? You make loads of money, beat your competition and still get to retain your customers. What other way is better than that!

Aurelius Tjin is The Publisher of The 'Unstoppable Profits Blog' With Over 22,000 Readers. Discover His Secret Strategies To Skyrocket Your Internet Marketing Business. To Get Free Internet Business Videos, Tips, and Strategies Go To

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