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How To Make More Money Than Your Competition Using Reprint Rights Products They Also Sell - Part 1

Posted by Philarmon on: 2007-10-15 00:04:08

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

The internet is rife with providers of reprint rights; resell rights and private label rights packages. While this has been beneficial to lots of internet marketers and newbies, it has also resulted in the saturation of the market, proliferation of the same kinds of emails. For instance, you could have almost 10 different people sending you emails with the same subject lines and content for the same product but with different domain names and probably bonuses. Because of this, many reprint rights, resell rights, and private label rights marketers do not make any money; even when they do, it is minimal. In this article, you will learn how you can create an edge over your competition using the same products he also has access to.

There are several ways you can make more money using the reprint rights you bought. The first method is being the first to know about the product and the first to send offers to subscribers, lists etc. The basic things you need to do this are a preset template of emails you’ll send, top sponsor ads you’ll buy, ezine ads you will want to place and a list of the best places to advertise the reprint rights product. In other words, there should be a well laid out plan that you can implement. You would not have to start wracking your brains for ideas on how to market your products.

Marketers who have made lots of money using reprint rights are usually the first to send out offers to their lists, partners, ezines, newsletters, advertise in various ezines and newsletters.

The second method is creating an avenue to collect your visitors’ emails. I know this is not a new thing. But you’ll find out your greatest surprise that most websites offering reprint rights products and those selling it hardly think of creating a list. The idea they think is it’s a one-time shot. So, let me make as much as I can and abandon that product. I am sure that if I sell just 100 copies at $35 each, I’d have made more than 1000% ROI. Wrong! Don’t fall into this trap. Once you can get people to sign up on your list as your subscribers, you’ll be making more money than your competition. How? The reason is obvious. Not all who visit your webpage will buy the first time. Some will leave the page never to return again. So, if you do not offer a means through which you can get them to see the page again, you’ll have lost the sale they would have generated for you.

With a list, you can continue to offer them the product. Sometimes, you may just talk about the product, offer bonuses, incentives, and discounts. You can also write a lesson and include the link to your website in the top, middle, or end of the lesson. The bottom line is they get to visit the website and if they have not bought before, will buy. So, instead of making just 100 sales, you can go ahead to make 1000 sales and like in the example above, make $35,000 from an investment of just $97 total.

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