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Top 15 Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to your Website

Posted by Aurelius Tjin on: 2007-10-14 23:36:49

Self SEO > Online Promotion Articles

There are various methods through which targeted website traffic can be driven to a website. Some of them are conventional while others aren’t exactly. Some are expensive while others are cheap or even free. This article will look in depth at what a business entrepreneur needs to drive highly valued traffic to his website.

1. Drive targeted Traffic by leaving comments on high traffic blogs in your niche. In this case, don’t fall into the trap many people fall into –just leaving comments like “Wonderful write-up”, “superb advice. Thank you”. The reason is people will hardly visit your website or blog if they feel you do not have much to offer. Instead, make your comments contributory. For instance, if you see a blog where the user pasted high quality information but missed some other things, you could include it in your post. Posts like “the idea of using articles to achieve high ranking is good. But can I chip something in? You could also boost your search engine ranking if you just leave your comments on about 100 high traffic blogs with PR 5+”. That will surely get people to notice what you have to say. Since you included your link either as the heading or at the end of the post, it will make it easier for people to visit your website via clicking through the link you provided.

2. Use the Yahoo! answer portal to generate traffic to your website.

This is easy in that every conceivable question you could think of has been asked somewhere and answers have been provided to it. So, go to and look for possible questions that could be answered by you, your website or your blog. The key to this simple strategy is providing informational posts. DON’T SPAM. Don’t just post comments like “The answer to your question can be found at”. This comes across as advertising. Instead offer one or two tips and then go ahead to include the link to your website at the end of the post or include in your profile. Avoid making it look like an obvious ploy to get them to visit your blog or website. Let’s assume someone asks a question on diverticulitis, you could go ahead and answer the question and leave the link at the end of your post. This will result in targeted website traffic because of the fact that you are providing specific answers to problems.

3. Submit your blog to as many high profile blog directories as possible. This may take a while so be ready to put in at least one hour a day to do this. In the short term, it might look hectic, but pays off in the long term. If your blog is highly ranked on high traffic blog directories, you’ll get traffic from the directories and an increased search engine ranking for your websites because of the high quality one-way links coming from your blogs.

4. Post your links in forums. Don’t post blatantly on the forums as in “visit for more info”. Instead offer useful advice and then, leave your link in your signature. Pretty simple tactic right? And it work like magic. If you don’t have any question to answer, ask one in various categories and in various question forms. Spend about an hour doing this daily. You’ll get results. People have been known to drive about 100 visitors to their websites or blogs using this tactic alone.

5. Get insider information on deals and offer testimonials. If you visit discussion boards and forums in your niche, you will have access to products people want tested. Have you visited websites where you see people’s testimonials with their links at the bottom of their testimonials? Good. That’s the tactic you want to use here. If you’ve used a product or have been recruited to get involved in the beta testing of a particular product, use the products and write an unbiased, unpitch-like testimonial. Make your testimonials specific. Don’t use testimonials like “The product is really good. It will increase your income” Your testimonial is bound not to make it to the salespage of the website. Instead specifics such as “The interface is so user friendly, you don’t need to be a geek to use it. I mastered it in just 30 minutes –and I hate computers- and was getting orders in approximately 15 minutes after implementing your strategies”. This kind of testimonial will ultimately induce the merchant or owner of the product to include your testimonial with your website link on his sales page. Result? More clickthroughs and visitors as a result of the testimonial you gave.

6. Buy Ad credits in form of Pay Per Clicks. The best so far are just three of the major PPC search engines –Google, Yahoo, and MSN. There also smaller PPC Search engines such as,, These are the only smaller PPC search engines I can vouch for. The rest have been less than satisfactory. How do you determine if you are losing money on PPCs? If by the time you spend $50 and 100 visitors without any sales, you could say it isn’t profitable. This has always been my yardstick. It may not work for you. But I am sure that if 100 people were to visit your website, at least one should buy. If the search engine is working and producing results, then you might want to examine your keywords to see if your ads are targeted or your ad copy is simply crappy.

7. Buy ads from Craigslist alone has about 100 million visits every month. That means it is a potential gold mine. For a very small amount of money, you can post your classifieds in their listing as and voila you have targeted traffic. Post in the category in which the services and product you are offering belong not in other services because you are bound to get visitors who may not be looking for what you have to offer. So, if you are resume writer, post your ads in the writing section, or resume section.

8. Include a Tell-a-friend form on your website or blog. This will make people who find your blog interesting, pass it along or email it to their friends, or also, enter their friends’ email address. A very easy way to do this is by offering an irresistible incentive to the visitors to pass along. On the other hand, you can ask nicely that if they find your blog or website to be interesting, they could tell their friends about the website.

9. Write a report and giveaway at no cost. This works like magic. People love free high quality information. If you’ve heard anything about the Authority Black book by Jack Humphrey, you’ll find that the ebook is so loaded with information that you cannot exhaust it in 2 months of application. Results? Jack Humphrey’s authority site went from no traffic to 4000 readers in just 3 months. Extraordinary. Isn’t it? You could reproduce these same results if you just learned from him and applied it to your own marketing strategies. The keyword in this tactic being “overloaded with information”. The saying that if you want so much of something, learn how to help others get theirs and you’ll automatically get lots of anything you so desire. So in this case, if your target is generating lots of traffic to your blog or website, give out something of value that people will appreciate. This will ultimately keep them coming back for more information. Do yourself this favor. Update your blog at least once a day. This will ensure that repeat visitors will get to see new information every time they visit your website.

10. Add bookmarklets to your site. If you want more visitors, simply ask your visitors to bookmark your website. If you don’t know how to do this, visit a website and hold CTRL+D. The site becomes bookmarked. The beauty of telling people to do this is sometimes, people forget to bookmark a website even when they feel it is very relevant. So, teaching or reminding them to bookmark a website results in repeat visiting and sending to their friends.

11. Build your own list. According to Terry Dean, the sole purpose for your website is to catch your visitors email address and build a list. Building a list is as simple as setting up an autoresponder. Then, cut and paste the code for the form on your website. So, when people visit your website, the very first thing they see is the offer to get on your list. Follow me carefully here. Don’t make an offer that seems unreasonable. Offers like “Learn the secrets of grossing $1m in just 3 months”. This may be enticing to a newbie. But never to a professional.

12. Write articles and post to article directories. This is pretty simple. But the key to this tactic lies in the quantity of articles submitted. While the quality is good too, it more likely that the more articles you submit, the more traffic you get to your website. Note that crappy, non-informative articles are like waste materials and time on your part and as a result, get neglected and possibly avoided. If you do not produce articles that people will glean information from, you will end up doing the exact opposite of what you desire –driving traffic away from your website or blog instead of driving them to the website.
Using this seemingly simple technique requires three special ingredients:
* A very compelling Headline
* An interesting body
* A byline that is attractive.

If your headline is not compelling, there is 110% that people would not click through to read your article. That is why you need to pay lots of attention to your headline.

13. Create a viral report. You can easily do this by putting together some pages of articles, or your thoughts on certain things. Then, convert to PDF and include the rights for it to be given away. Be sure to make it clear that they do not have rights to editing or extracting any part of the report. If you decide to give them the rights to extraction, make sure they also include your byline. So, you’ll have exclusive rights. To secure your report, you can use the secure function available on adobe so no one can copy anything or extract anything from your report. The bottom line is your link is in the report.

14. Write a compelling Press Release and submit to Note that your press release must be very newsworthy. This is because so many press releases are submitted daily and only those who are newsworthy will scale the test. If you do not have prior experience in writing press releases, visit and look at the releases you find there. Look for those which grip your attention immediately, then try to write yours to be as compelling as that. On the other hand, get materials that are focusing on how to write Press Releases, visit forums where press release tactics are discussed. Another avenue you might want to exploit is outsourcing the contract to freelance Press Release writers. These can easily be found on websites like,,, et.c

15. Purchase Ads in Ezines and Newsletters in your niche. There are three types: Top sponsor ads, solo ads, and classified ads. You can do this by looking for ezines in your niche and paying for ads in those ezines. Solo ads get the highest form of traffic followed by top sponsor ads, and lastly, classifieds. The key to profiting from this is writing an ad copy that will prick the readers’ curiosity enough to click through the link you provided. Usually, using the subject lines such as “Free Report Reveals How to lose 20kg and Reduce your waist line by 10cm in 4 weeks”, works like magic because anyone who is on that list is looking for ways to lose weight. As a result, they’ll click through to see what you have to offer.

That is all on generating targeted traffic. If you implement all these tactics, you’ll find that traffic to your website or blog will increase dramatically.

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