Is Your E-Store Ready for the Holidays? Keyword Discovery
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Is Your E-Store Ready for the Holidays?

Posted by Lewis George on: 2007-09-11 21:22:39

Self SEO > Ecommerce Articles

From amongst many ways to attract customers some especially interesting methods involve profit-making holiday promos and events. This article is about how to use the holidays to make some extra income.

Attract customers and make them stay - or even come back – with these especially interesting holiday promos and events. The Independence Day Holiday provides a perfect time to test out this profit-making method.

Here are several tools for making your website more attractive and friendly especially for a holiday promotion:

1. Sell what you have in stock.
At least in the main pages of your store, every product you display needs to be in-stock and ready for delivery. Be sure not to tie up the better selling spaces with out of season or out of date products (you may want to launch a Clearance or Out-of-Season section as a category).

2. Will the product arrive before the 4th of July?
Do your best to deliver the product on time (especially those that are bought to be used on the holiday). Your seasonal delivery schedule, delivery rates and premium delivery services should be clearly posted to make sure that every employee serving your online customers fulfills the published delivery commitments. But in the case of any unexpected problems you must inform the customer immediately. This will give the customer enough time to make alternative purchasing arrangements.

3. Giveaway (and give away).
When giving something for free to your customers make sure that you attach in someway the information on your products. After all you are the one giving the gift - you deserve at least the consideration of including information. Provide product information details including selling price, approximate shipping cost and the store department or category where each suggested product can be found. On major holidays you can send two mailings. In example, during a Christmas promo campaign send one mailing a month before the holiday and one a week before the event. In a holiday atmosphere reminders like these will help you to attract your audience.

4. Be easy to contact.
During a holiday make sure to give your customers clear directions on how and when to contact you. Prominently display your toll-free number if you have one. Your regular telephone and fax numbers should also be posted. Prominently display your customer service e-mail address and your business hours with a schedule of when you will have service staff on duty. Remember that even if you have a big and visible “Contact Us” link where customers doesn’t expect to see it, it will probably not be seen. And remind all your customer service employees that just because your customers are at the other end of the Internet doesn’t make their problems of any less importance.

5. Never underestimate your customer feedback.
Undoubtedly you have received feedback from your online customers by phone, by e-mail or by other methods. What does this feedback tell you? It tells you very clearly, from the most valuable of all critics, who are not interested in flattering you, exactly what would be better for them. And pleasing them, as you must remember, is your primary goal. If they are telling you that you are good – you must strive to be better. If anything isn’t quite right – get it fixed! And also be sure to always report the positive changes that you have made because misinformation is the number one reason for online shopping cart abandonment. Don’t let this thing take your holiday income from you.

As you see there are only 5 simple steps here to make your e-Store more attractive. They will also help each customer or visitor to enjoy being on your website, which will probably lead to a purchases in future.

by George Lewis
George Lewis is a CEO of the San Diego-based - a website providing a great variety of high quality osCommerce web templates designed and displayed for almost every different business type in categories.

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