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Website Traffics Secrets: A Ferengis’ Guide To Flooding Your Website With Traffics

Posted by Ikey Benney on: 2007-09-11 21:12:01

Self SEO > Online Promotion Articles

Those businessmen and super salesmen and women who generate millions of dollars in sales in their businesses monthly have some success “SECRETS” which they rarely share with others.

If you can obtain these success “SECRETS” and use them, you could also skyrocket your website visitors and explode your sales and profits.
I am going to share with you 10 high impact insider's hidden psychological triggers, which compel customers to buy.
If read, understand, use them by plugging them into your website content and advertising, you could empower them, burst open the floodgates of website traffics and ignite a tornado of sales at your website.

Here they are:
1. Everybody Wants To Win:
Most people want to win over others. Tell your prospects how their family or friends will admire them if they buy your product.

2. Pursuit of Pleasure:
Most people want to gain pleasure. Tell your prospects how much pleasure or the benefits they will gain, if they purchase your product.

3. Avoid Pain:
Most people want to avoid or end pain. Tell your prospects how much pain and problems they will avoid or end if they buy your product.

4. Good Food:
Most people want to eat good food. Give your customers free coupons to a nice restaurant when they purchase your product.

5. Good Health And Long Life:
Most people want to have good health and live longer. Give your prospects free coupons to a fitness club when they buy your product.

6. Desire To Belong:
Most people want to belong to something or a select group.
Give your prospects a free membership into your club when they buy your product.
Most people want to associate with others that have the same interests. Give your prospects a free membership in a private chat room just for them.

7. Clean Environment:
Most people want a clean environment. Tell your prospects that you'll donate a percentage of your profits to help clean the environment.

8. Free Information:
Most people need or want new information to absorb. Give your customers a free e-book or tip sheet when they purchase your product. People enjoy getting things for free. Indulge them.

9. Unique Selling Proposition:
Human beings tend to stereotype.
In order words, if a customer has a problem with one car salesman, he will use his experience to judge all car salespeople in any future dealings with them.
Therefore, always distinguish yourself and your products from those of the others.
Tell the customer how you and your product are different from others.
Spell out your Unique Selling Proposition. (USP)

10. Give A Sales Deadline:
Most people don't want to miss a major opportunity that they could regret in the future. Tell your prospects you'll be raising the price shortly.
May these secret high impact, psychological triggers help you to get more traffics, improve your sales sell and be more profitable and successful in your business.

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Thank you.

Ikey Benney


I-key is the creator of $100,000 monthly for life, automated home based business, autopilot and cash flow program Discover the jealously guarded WEALTH SECRET of the rich and powerful. No work involved.
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