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Create Your eBook Resale Right by Writing an eBook and Tripling Your Profits!

Posted by Will Dean on: 2007-09-03 23:17:17

Self SEO > E-books Articles

Apart from buying and selling professionally made eBooks, you may want to think about writing an eBook. Not anyone can do this and market it successfully because the truth is, people can take one look at your downloadable merchandise and determine its worth. Then again, I’ve seen some poor eBooks sold on the internet and have found that by constructing a very professional cover (many hire graphic artists), you can sell almost anything. It’s worth the money to hire a freelancer because people buy what looks good before they actually open the book. Wait! There is a flaw in this though…you’re going to get a bad name if you keep writing mundane eBooks. Some authors don’t even show their name, but then you know right away that they are not interested in promoting their brand or image – they want quick profits and will move onto the next project quickly.

There are many eBooks that are actually worth reading in my opinion, but I’m sure you’ve come across one or two that even you can write better. The fact is that the publishing industry needs innovative thinkers that can relate to today’s issues in a diverse way. There are a plethora of categories in the world available to write an eBook on: each with its own eBook resale right. You can sell the book and its resell right as part of the purchase price.

It is easier to sell an eBook on an internet website that has already been established -- preferably one that actually sell eBooks as well. An eBook is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business while educating people with the knowledge you already possess as a business owner of a specific product or service. Narrow your topic down to specifics and if possible, use your own life experiences to fuel the paragraphs. Titles should give specific direction and include specific numbers. For example, “Exterminate Your eBook Resale Right Competition In 30 Days For Only 30 Minutes A Day!” is better than, “Beat Your eBook Resale Rights Competitors”.

Remember that people reading the eBooks want simple ideas and they want you to provide new strategies because authors are people who understand the cyberspace eBook marketing world. These people are potential subscribers to your newsletters and eBooks, so ensure to write good content. Affiliates will also help to market your eBooks.

The whole time I’ve been writing this article, I’ve been giving you the impression that you can write and sell your eBook for profits. That’s 100% true, but there’s a better way to make money from creating your eBook resale right. What you do is actually give it away! That’s right, but before you do this you should solidify a few good relationships (affiliates) and include their banner or links in the free eBook you wrote. They will also advertise your eBook for you and help you drive traffic to your website so that even passerbyers can buy your other products. Not to mention, affiliates will help you establish trustworthiness and will promote your name and internet business for you! You should, at this time, have your own website and products ready to sell.

There’s one last comment that I forgot to mention about eBook creation. Make your eBook interactive. Write useful, unique content and include fun games to tie the experience from the consumer to you. Create a crossword puzzle based on a particular subject or allow them to fill out a test that shows rated results, such as how smart they are in the eBook industry. Links and forms will top off the list and after you’ve created your new baby, give it away! Give like you owe your life to the Church and then give more! The more you do this, the more traffic and money you’ll make from your eBook resale right business.

Author Bio:

Will Dean is an ebook marketer that has established his online businesses and is enjoying a healthy life from the internet. He enjoys helping beginner eBook resale right sellers with their internet ventures based on low cost start-ups. You can learn more about ebook resales and view special purchase packages at

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