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Email Marketing - What Pushes the Unsubscribe Button

Posted by Ivan Piskov on: 2007-09-03 23:06:12

Self SEO > Email Marketing Articles

Building and maintaining ever growing email list is probably the most valid sign for web marketing mastership. A lot of marketers are talking about five and six figure income, but very few are mentioning their email list numbers correctly. And it is easy understandable – just nothing to be proud with.

The Nightmare of the Email Marketing Manager

Doubtless, it’s the unsubscription from the mailing list – someone has clicked the unsubscribe link (again). I received an email from a marketer, talking about this subject and he said something like this:

‘I provide valuable information and if you don’t like it, get off my list!’ Few seconds later I clicked on the unsubscribe link.

His ‘valuable information’ is writing countless, worthless and useless 200 words articles under FIVE (maybe more) different names, guess why – because he is repeating like a parrot: ‘articles this, articles that’ while article marketing is not ‘heal-all’ at all. Beware of such ‘Experts’, they are easily noticeable.

Seven Reasons that Make Me Unsubscribe

  1. Getting too many emails – you are not the only one marketer I’m receiving emails from (actually I’m on more than 100 lists) and I don’t want to be mailed daily. Click.
  2. Hard selling – excuse me, I don’t need every product on the net. I opted in to learn something valuable, because you said so, not to be sold to only. Click.
  3. Duplicity, hypocrisy – I know you are affiliated with some Gurus (so am I) and I know we are just an email and affiliate ID in the Guru’s database. Don’t say: My good friend ‘Guru’s Name’, when he doesn’t know you even exist and you have relationship only with his autoresponder. Click.
  4. Squeeze pages – I specially hate when a free download is offered, to be taken to a squeeze page to leave my email. If I have to exchange my email, your offer is not free anymore. So I subscribe, download and immediately unsubscribe. Click.
  5. Formality, jargon – Especially the young marketers are demonstrating some strange sort of coolness and freedom, talking and writing in R’n’B style. Dear youngsters, respect others if you want to be respected yourself. I can be you father. Click.
  6. Lack of valuable information – I came for meat, not for milk. I came to learn from your successful practice, not to receive ‘featured articles’. Click.
  7. One and only theme – you are an expert, you know your stuff, but after six months hearing to the same old song, I think I know it all. Sorry. Click.


Building and maintaining a mailing list of ANY size, does not rely upon knowing some super secret ‘killer’ strategy or having the next ‘killer’ software.

Just respect your list members, give more than you expect to receive, first practice than preach, and they will flock around you like sheeps around the Sheppard.

Check your mailing style for this unsubscribe triggers, and your unsubscribe rate will melt down like a water in the desert.

By the way, NEVER send an email without unsubscribe link. It offends deeply. Please.

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