Web Copywriting Mastership – the Power of Selling and Communication Keyword Discovery
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Web Copywriting Mastership – the Power of Selling and Communication

Posted by Ivan on: 2007-09-03 22:59:50

Self SEO > Copywriting Articles

Web copywriting is like serving two masters: website visitors and search engines. The content of your web page must be build around certain keywords for being "understood" and indexed properly from the search engines.

At the same time, the same content must touch your visitors and convince them to follow where the copy leads them: to click, to register, to subscribe, to order...

This is the fundamental difference between offline and web copywriting.

If your webpage content is not written around ONE specific three-four words key phrase, if this key phrase is not placed on the page following specific SEO rules, it doesn't matter how valuable your information is, such a web page will remain invisible far, far bottom into the search engine result pages.

So, learning the mastership of web copywriting, investing time and money in developing these primary for your web success skills, has great reward in itself.

Of course you may choose to invest in the last adsense or niche "killer" because it promises "fast and easy" profit. But there are, let's say, a thousand webmasters thinking your way, buying the same program, targeting the same market, using the same copy, the same templates, the same copy-pasted ads ... and three months later you are at your zero position again, waiting for the next "killer".

I will stop here, because this is not an online business at all except for the producers of these programs, selling similar products, changing the graphics only to the same circle of lazy and naive people...

Of course we all want to build successful, growing and lasting internet business? And not just one – the more the better as far as one can handle!

And the ONE secret to do this is to invest smartly and strategically in web copywriting resource.

Don’t mislead your self – no one can write compelling copy that SELLS after reading few free articles. The proven successful copywriters are charging HUGE because they teach the power of selling.

Learning and applying the rules and secrets of web copywriting will enable you to please both your visitors and search engine spiders. Developing proven web copywriting skills will enable you to do all these:

  1. you will create unique keyword rich content that will be loved and indexed highly in the SERPs;
  2. because of your unique content, lots of webmasters will link to your pages or will include your articles on their websites improving your link popularity;
  3. you will write email messages that receive much higher response;
  4. you will easily update your blog content and receive additional targeted traffic = more sales;
  5. you will easily create your own info product out of your unique gifts, talents and experience.

This list may grow, and grow, and grow... because you see, the ability to write for the web is far, far different from the offline type of writing. And one time investment in a quality web copywriting resource will enable you to reap its fruits years, and years ahead.

Visit Smart Web Marketing website for more “no-cliché” copywriting articles and resources.

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