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The Magic of E-book Reprint Rights

Posted by Gihan Perera on: 2007-07-08 23:06:38

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I wrote my latest e-book “The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Almost Every Business Owner Makes on Their Web Site” as a lead-generation tool to get new subscribers to my e-zine.

I decided to promote it a different way. It’s different from anything I’ve ever done before, and it brought spectacular results after just three weeks, and continues to bring in new subscribers daily.

First, as I’ve mentioned already, I’m using the e-book as an incentive for people to join my mailing list. An e-book or special report is an excellent incentive, because it’s low cost but high value.

If you read the e-book, you’ll also see that it promotes the products and services that I offer. It’s not ONLY about self-promotion (I use the 80/20 guideline: Give 80% value, and 20% self-promotion), but it does promote me.

But here’s the kicker ...

The most important thing I’ve done differently with this e-book is this:

The e-book is not just free - it’s BETTER than free.

--- Huh? How can that be (I hear you cry)? ---

Because it also comes with reprint rights.

This means that you can copy the e-book yourself and give it away, or even sell it. Yep, that’s right - I’m giving it away, AND I’m giving you the right to copy it and use it yourself.

This might seem a bit odd at first - after all, aren’t I giving away my intellectual property?

Yes and no.

I see it as a win-win proposition.

You win because you get a high-value product that you can use yourself. For example, there’s nothing stopping you from offering my e-book as an incentive for people to sign up to your newsletter. Or you could offer it as a bonus for people who order something else by a certain date. Or you could even sell it yourself and make money from it.

On the other hand, I still own the copyright on it, and one of the conditions of giving it away is that you have to give it away in its current form. So whoever gets a copy still sees all the links to my products and my Web site.

That’s exactly why it’s a win for me as well. By allowing YOU to distribute it freely, I can reach markets that would otherwise be outside my own circle.

In fact, in the first three weeks after giving it away, my newsletter subscription rate trebled!

Giving away your material can be a powerful marketing strategy. Most people hold on tight to their intellectual property, scared that it might be stolen by others, especially in a digital world where copying is so easy to do. But there are real advantages to taking the opposite approach and giving your stuff away. As long as you do it with a clear purpose in mind, and you make it a win-win proposition for both you and the other person, it can really work to your advantage.

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About the Author:

Gihan Perera is the author of "The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Most Web Site Owners Make - And How To Avoid Them" and "Spin: Turn One Idea Into Hundreds of Information Products".
Visit and get your complimentary copies now.

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