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5 Things Anybody Should Know About Social Bookmarking

Posted by Vanessa Arellano Doctor on: 2007-06-21 00:49:26

Self SEO > Internet Articles

Social bookmarking is a significant way of saving your ‘favorite’ websites and/or web pages on your computer by placing them under a category and linking them to your own website or web page. This allows people to create bookmark links that helps divert traffic from one website or web page into your own. They ‘tag’ these bookmark links with keywords that helps make it easier to find for people who are looking for the same topic or subject.

You will need to register with a social bookmarking site in order for you to create your own compilation of social bookmarks. By doing so, you will be able to store bookmarks that you may want to save, and add tags to them using certain keywords. This will help people who visit such social bookmarking sites to find certain resources by using the keywords, tags or bookmarks that you have created and saved.

One thing that social bookmarking does is that it allows a new way of organizing and categorizing information and resources. Since each resource is assigned with tags, this makes it much easier for people to make social connections with other users interested in the same topics or subject that are tagged with the same keyword, which is a great way to meet new people. Users can see who made the bookmarks, and are given access to their other websites just by clicking on the bookmark links.

Social bookmarking also helps in boosting your sites traffic since it allows the different users to connect with other users just by bookmarking a particular site that contains certain subjects that helps make it more appealing to some people. People are instantly connected to your website or web page just by clicking on the bookmark links that you have tagged and categorized.

Since all of your bookmarks are in the net, you can access them anywhere at any time, just as long as there is an internet connection in the place. You do not need to carry your computer around just so you can access and view your bookmarks whenever you would want to.

Social bookmarking also allows your website or web page to rank high on the web’s search engines, as long as you are linked to high-ranking social bookmarking sites. What this does is that every time people access the social bookmarking site that you are linked to, they will be linked to your website or web page as well, thereby increasing the amount of traffic that your site is generating improving your page rank in search engines.

The best thing about social bookmarking, however, is that it is free. There are no charges that you need to pay in order to avail of certain social bookmarking services online. This means that you can bookmark as much websites and web pages as you would want, and increase the chance of improving your site’s page ranking by boosting its traffic.

So if you want to be able to spread your site online, then all you have to do is try out a few social bookmarking services online so you can start linking your site into other different websites.

Vanessa Arellano Doctor

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