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A Plan For Writing SEO Copy

Posted by Chris Angus on: 2007-03-22 22:50:36

Self SEO > Copywriting Articles

The introduction of a simple three-step plan that can be used as a strategy for initiating an SEO copywriting campaign.

As with anything in life, having a plan before you start SEO copywriting is a good idea. It is not a good idea to just sprinkle keywords throughout your website all willy-nilly. You need a strategy for accomplishing the best written search engine optimized paragraph or article possible. This is possible as long as you have a bit of a plan.

It should go without saying that you will avoid writing solely for the search engines. This is difficult when you have a whole handful of valuable keywords but humans should come first when it comes to making your website content easy to understand.

First of all choose your keyword phrases before you start writing, as they will have a direct impact on the theme or the focus of the page or paragraph. Restrict yourself to only using about three to four keyword phrases per paragraph to make sure that humans will be able to read it. Don’t try to write the article first and put in the keywords afterwards.

Secondly make sure that you have at least 250 words worth of search engine optimized copy on each web page. This allows you enough space to get your message across while at the same time have enough copy to attract the search engine spiders.

Thirdly make sure the copy sounds natural. Nobody will read copy that sounds forced or stiff or that is crammed with awkwardly placed keywords. One way to get into this habit is to keep your keywords in mind before you start generating the copy. This can help keep your keywords from being obtrusive.

Following the above three steps is a good way to keep the writing of your SEO copy free of self-sabotaging elements as well as get the job done efficiently with a clear plan in mind.

About The Author:
Christopher Angus is a SEO and Website Marketer. He can be contacted at: Sales (at) Brilliantseo.com http://www.herringshoes.co.uk http://www.oxfordpramcentre.co.uk http://www.chooseinsurance.co.uk

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