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Direct Marketing Online - Are You Ruining Your Sales By Being Too Professional And Logical

Posted by Alan Quan on: 2006-10-24 18:51:18

Self SEO > Internet Marketing Articles

Ever since you were raised in the school system and the ‘professional’ corporate world, you are told over and over and OVER again that your writing has to be professional in order to look good in front of others and gain the respects of your peers.

Only when writing fictional stories were we allowed using emotions to captivate our readers. Most of use were led to believe that writing emotional or ‘unprofessional’ copy in our essays and reports is reserved for children.

They told us that the superior way to write anything is to state facts and back it up with logic and confusing language. Emotional writing is manipulative and insincere. Using that to sell is selfish and total garbage.

That’s what the academia society led you to believe, but I’m here to set you free. This kind of thinking is totally false if you want to be successful in internet marketing! A lot of people don’t see the good side of selling.

What if your product saves marriages? Or what if your product helps people become financially free? Or what if they bought your product and their dog no longer pees and poops on your expensive carpet?

By using your reader’s emotions in your sales letter, you will much more likely motivate them into action than by using logic and professionalism alone. In that sense, ‘playing’ to people’s emotions is actually good for their well-being! Buy my product and I’ll give you strategies to financial freedom. You get the idea? Good.

You maybe looking good and gaining respect of your readers ‘Mr. Professional’, but you AIN’T gonna make no money! Professionalism and logic doesn’t bring out emotions. And it’s emotions that sell and make money.

Try out this test:

1. Go to any corporate building during lunch time and as soon as you see all the ‘professional’ workers leave for lunch, 2. Put out a dozen delicious doughnuts made by Krispy Kreme, chocolate chip ice cream, and cookies on the right side and on the left side, put a dozen healthy fruits and vegetables. 3. Guess which side most people will go for?

Logically, those professional workers should eat those healthful veggies! With all those B-vitamins and folic acid that will lengthen your life? How can they possibly resist?!?

But most of the time people will chose the fattening, artery clogging, fried doughnuts! The illogical emotion of satisfying your taste buds dominates your logical side of satisfying your personal health (for most people)!

Imagine back when you were reading those bland 500 page text books in high school that stacked fact after boring fact for you to memorize as if you were a robot? It was probably very professional but it probably bored you to tears also.

If that’s what you think sells, you are going to face big trouble with internet marketing. Emotional content will ‘get through’ to your customers and communicate more clearly how they will benefit.

Bottom line is if you want to improve people’s lives with your product and want to make money online, emotional content is dramatically more effective than pure logical content.

So go to a local university, find an English professor who absolutely loves reading boring confusing books like “The Odyssey Of Homer” and have him review your marketing messages.

If professor LOVED your messages and think that they are works of pure genius – that is a good indicator that your content is overly boring and professional. You must change your messages IMMEDIATELY before your customers exits your website and opts out of your list!

Alan Quan is a certified Internet Coaching Empire coach and specializes in helping people build their own successful internet marketing business. Visit his website at and find out how he can help you to quickly accomplish your goals and boost your internet profits.

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