6 Effective E-mail Techniques That Grab And Hold Your Prospect’s Attention And Increase Sales Keyword Discovery
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6 Effective E-mail Techniques That Grab And Hold Your Prospect’s Attention And Increase Sales

Posted by Alan Quan on: 2006-10-13 18:29:04

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When marketing your product using email, it is EXTREMELY important to grab the attention of your prospects in the first sentence. If you fail to do so, they have a much lower chance of reading the rest of it.

The first sentence in this case is your subject line, and once you’ve enticed your readers to open your email, you still need to keep and hold their attention. If it doesn’t, you would lose them and your sale is lost.

#1 – Obvious Subject Line
Don’t be cute with your subject line. When you are selling something, plainly and simply tell them what it is you are selling and be ‘upfront’ with them. Be straightforward with the subject line.

If you trick your prospects into reading your email and using a ‘smart and clever’ subject line you’ll lose their trust. Sure you’ll get your email opened, but once they find that it’s something totally unrelated, it’s over for some of your prospects!

How do feel when someone tricks you and wastes your time?

That’s why it’s much more effective to have your subject line plain and obvious about what the rest of your email is about. Sure some people may not read your message, but that may be a good thing because that gives you an even more targeted audience.

#2 – The Agreement Opening
This technique is to get your subscribers into agreeing with you. Open with a statement in which everyone can agree. Make it so that your subscribers say “YES” in their mind.

For example, instead of:
“Do You Know How To Make $20,000 A Month Selling Vitamin Supplements?”

“Do You WANT To Know How To Make $20,000 A Month Selling Vitamin Supplements?”

In the first statement, most people will say no. However, in the second statement everybody will say yes! All I did was add two words to the statement to change the subscriber’s mindset.

Add some other facts that most people will readily agree on and then HIT them with your product. You’ve hypnotized your subscribers into the ‘YES’ mindset, and they will have a better chance of buying from you! Don’t you agree?

#3 – Personal Story Opening
Simply include something personal about yourself in the opening sentence so that your prospects can ‘sense’ that they are dealing with a real person instead of a faceless corporation.

Remember to make the opening brief. One sentence is all they need; they don’t need to know EVERYTHING about you. It is just to establish some ‘warmth and closeness’ to your prospects because some people respond better to that.

#4 – The Question Opening
Lead your subscribers by asking them a question, or a question posed by one of your subscribers. You can then address the question give out some information leading to the answer in the body of your message.

You are actually giving them good information, but your true intention is to eventually lead them to the solution (which is your product!). Finally, at the end, reveal the ‘true’ answer along with your sales pitch to close them! Pretty sneaky huh?

#5 – Build Anticipation Opening
This technique works very well with a more expensive product that you have to offer. In a lot of cases this will increase your response rates to your ‘expensive’ products by keeping your subscribers on their toes so that they can keep an eye on this product.

Additionally, it can help you measure the demand for the product to your subscribers before you spend your precious time creating it! Just be prepared to have a series of promotional messages ahead of time.

#6 – The ‘UPDATE’ Opening
Give your customers an update on all the new products that launched or being launched. Or share with your subscribers something new you’ve found or experienced.

For example:
“I’ve just found this 24 year old that made $343,0197 in 2 months by following these eight steps to wealth…”

To wrap things up, remember to grab your subscriber’s attention and make them want to read the rest of your message. So if you haven’t already, start getting your subscribers involved into reading your interesting email, hook them, and sell them!

Alan Quan is a certified Internet Coaching Empire coach and specializes in helping people build their own successful internet marketing business. Visit his website at http://e-bizcoachalan.com/success.htm and find out how he can help you to quickly accomplish your goals and boost your internet profits.

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