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Google AdWords Tips: How to Get the Most out of Your Campaigns

Posted by Troy Harbour on: 2006-10-05 19:59:23

Self SEO > Pay Per Click Articles

With the ever changing way Google's Adwords algorithms go, they are sometimes difficult to master. I have had campaign days that almost made me want to cry. Then the next day I wanted to buy my whole family dinner.. It took a while for me to figure out what I was doing wrong. After the big change in how Google displays their ads in January of 2005 marketers had to swiftly come up with new ways of being creative to get their ads ranked high. Even to this day ad words isn't the easiest thing to master, but I hope these following tips might help some people in getting the most out of their ads.

1) Landing pages. Make sure your landing pages are full of keyword rich and content rich information. Google loves when the pages your ads display are relevant to the keywords searched to display them. The more ads that are clicked through and reflect the keywords will help drive your CPC down! That is where you will start saving money.

2) Constantly monitor your campaigns. I like to start with around 100 keywords and set my cpc low. Usually I start them on .10 - .30. If you are having a difficult time trying to find what keywords to use there are many tools or methods to finding words. I started using overtures KeyWord Selector Tool. It was great for when I first started, but found that the keywords searched there were not the same as googles. Another method is searching on Google with "" around your keywords and seeing how many results this gets you. This kind of narrows down your keywords and shows you how often your ads will show up. Another great tool that I use is KeyWord AnalyzerThis program is not free, but it bases it's information directly from Google which is the market I use. There are so many options and it tells you how many times the words are searched and how many people are paying for ads on those words! This is great for finding your niche words. Remember to constantly monitor your keywords and if some aren't doing well drop them and add new ones using the tools I showed above.

3) Negative Keywords. I can't say enough about using Negative Keywords. Have you ever searched google using them? What was the sole purpose of using them? To NOT find something you weren't looking for! So, how will this help you? Simply by not showing your ads to keywords that you don't want your ads displaying for. Let's say you are selling a product and you don't want people who are looking for free stuff. Would you want to waste your precious campaign money trying to sell a product to someone who is out for free stuff? No. So use a -free in your campaign. It won't cost you anything and probably save you some money. I sometimes also notice when using negative keywords that some of my keywords get displayed at a higher rank than if I didn't.

4) Ad ranking. It is sometimes beneficial to use Google's traffic estimator. Remember the sizes of banners that are displayable and what ranking you want to be. It isn't always necessary to have the 1 - 3 ranking and pay 25 cents more to get that ranking. The skyscraper banners can sometimes display 6 - 7 ads easily. Also remember that most of your ads will be displayed on content sites. With all of that ad sense floating around you will get a lot of exposure so choose your keywords right.

5) One of the most important things to remember is your ads themselves. Is it really beneficial to use only one ad? Is everyone you get exposure to going to like the same thing? Probably not. Set up a few ads. There are so many different personality types that each person might like different wording. You can try insulting ads, polite ads, informative ads, catchy ads. Set up as many as you like and Google will automatically display the most popular.

Good luck campaigning and I wish you the best success. If you liked the information in this ad please tell your friends. These are only a few of my tips and tricks for successful campaigning.

The Key Word Analyzer tool can be found at:

Troy is an experienced IT network administrator. He handles the networks of 3 small offices for private insurance agencies. In his spare time he writes articles and likes to find new ways of earning secondary income. Currently he has found success with PPC campaigns.

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