Being at the Right Place with Pay Per Click Marketing Keyword Discovery
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Being at the Right Place with Pay Per Click Marketing

Posted by Patrick Connor on: 2006-10-05 19:55:23

Self SEO > Pay Per Click Articles

In this day and age, people are rapidly increasing pace in living their lives. Everything is fast becoming instant that a blink of an eye can spell a worlds-apart difference and a mile-long stretch. Subway and air travels transport hundreds of thousands of people in just a fraction of the time it took our ancestors to travel within their localities. Shipping goods can be done in a day or two in any point of the world. With the inevitability of fast-paced lifestyles, halting people for a split-second rest and momentary stop is a very hard thing to do. This puts a lot of businesses and enterprises in a very challenging state. The amount of new goods and services inside the global economic basket has dramatically doubled over the recent years but it is on an inversely proportional rate with the amount of time people can take from their extremely rapid lifestyle to pay attention and take notice. This trend heightens and amplifies the need for more innovative and effective marketing strategies consuming the least possible time. A better way to cope with the pace is to pump up advertising strategies to a higher level.

Towering billboards may catch attention for a second or two. A witty, intriguing copy, or print ad may succeed in getting noticed, or a flamboyant television advertisement can possibly steal 30 seconds of attention. But these modes are already being utilized by almost every product in the market, so how else can a new one stand out and get the attention it needs to generate sales? Simple. Get into the stream where people spend a significant amount of their time. Be where people's good quality of attention and decision making are in-- the internet. Launch a pay per click marketing campaign.

Pay per click marketing, or PPC marketing, is a technique used in websites, advertising networks, and search engines-- avenues being frequented by millions of people worldwide in any given time of the day. In using this technique, advertisers put their campaigns in the internet through websites, most commonly in search engine queries. It works by allowing advertisements to be posted in certain websites, and the owners of these websites get their pay from the advertisers depending on the amount of click the ads generated. In search engine PPC, the advertisements (mostly texts) are placed very near the search results of a query. So when people use the search engine, which they frequently do, a PPC advertisement will appear right before the search results-- very close to the epicenter of attention. Voila, your advertisement has been noticed.

Advertisements can fall into one of the three categories of PPC. In the first category, keyword PPC -- a word or a phrase with product model number -- similar or closely related to the search query of internet users will appear. Advertisers bid for the right to use certain keywords. The higher an advertiser bids, the closer to the search results his or her product is placed. The second category is the product PPC. In this category, advertisers are asked to provide "feeds" of their product databases. When a user searches for a product, available links to the different advertisers for that particular product appear; more prominence is given to advertisers who pay higher though. The same principle applies to the third category, the service PPC. Only, the service PPC category is for services and not products.

The search engines are the wisest place on the internet to place a PPC advertisement. Very popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are top choices among PPC advertisers. This is due to the large amount of search queries being made by millions of people in these engines. There are also a lot of search engines specifically and exclusively catering to PPC advertisements. These PPC search engines offer lower costs for every click than the larger search engines.

Also, there are many PPC bidding system available for advertisers. BidVertiser is one PPC system provider that allows advertisers to place their ads in their own choice of websites. BidVertiser rates each click at about $0.01 above the rate of the closest competitors. BidVertiser can make advertisement designs in skyscrapers, buttons, banners, inline ads, and free design formats.

To make sure that your advertisement gets the optimum attention it can generate, make sure to make the right choice on where to put a per click advertisement. Top considerations would be the amount of visits a website generates in a month, or the amount of searches being done in a particular search engine. Knowing the right place where to put an advertisement is a step closer to getting that very elusive attention from people. Being where people are and where they pour in much of their attention will certainly put a product at a greater edge than its competitors.

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