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The Art of Selling Niche Products To Desperate Buyers Only

Posted by Audrey Ly on: 2006-10-05 19:33:11

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Many budding ebook publishers are excited to get their first ebook out the market only to be disappointed by its cold reception. We know information is hot! Millions of people search for information everyday. With this many searches for information each day, why do some information products are bound to fail even before it reaches the market?

The reason is pretty obvious, these products contain information which no one wants to buy! The key to selling a successful niche product is it offers a solution to a problem. Period. It is not about what you like, or what you are good at, or what your hobbies are. If you are writing an ebook on what you think people want to read, you are only wasting your effort. Creating an information niche product is never about YOU. It is all about finding your niche's problems and needs, and offering a solution to it.

However, the difference between a best seller and an average seller is the type of buyers you are selling to. The best type of buyers which will make you huge profits in the shortest time possible are the desperate buyers. Yes, desperate buyers who are ever eager to take out their credit card and buy your book without thinking twice.

So who are these desperate buyers and where can we find them?

Desperate buyers exists in almost every niche. A product creator will just need to capture this group of desperate buyers in any particular niche, read into their psychology and create a winning product by offering the solution they are looking for.

Desperate buyers have a problem waiting to be solved. The problem can be so great that it affects their daily lives. They would be the ones losing sleep over their problem. Thus, these desperate buyers would not hesitate to pay for a solution to their problem so that they can get their lives back.

For example, if you write an ebook about how to buy a second-hand property, you will probably make a some sales from the second-hand home buyers. Others will shop around for other second-hand home buyers guides. Now imagine this, if you write an ebook about how to avoid foreclosure by securing instantly approved housing loans, who will buy your book? Those people who are losing their homes, of course! You can almost guarantee that they will buy instantly as you offer them a valuable piece of solution they are looking for!

Another group of desperate buyers are those people with a non-life threatening chronic condition which is either causing pain or inconveniences in their daily lives. Examples of these chronic conditions are any skin disorder, sleep disorder, eating disorder, arthritis, body odour and so on. Would some one with bad body odour buys a book titled 'Five ways to get rid of your body odour instantly.'? Of course he will buy? You book is offering him a solution to rid of his chronic problem and, thus, gain back his social life and confidence.

These desperate buyers exist in every niche and it is up to you to find them, understand their problem, offer them a solution and sell it to them! It is that easy! If you want to make money fast by creating niche products, then you need to know the art of selling to Desperate Buyers Only!

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