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Ebooks Written in a Week

Posted by John Sullivan on: 2006-09-25 23:15:06

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If you are thinking of writing an ebook, but think that it is too difficult, it will take too long and no one will want to read it, how do I sell it, well these are all good points to consider.

Starting from the beginning, how do you start? What is the subject of the ebook going to be? There is no point spending a lot of time writing a book that no one is going to want to read. Ebooks can be sold of course which is why most people write them, but they can also be given away as a means of promoting other products.

Like everything else in the Internet business, you must do some research first to see if you have a viable idea. This includes looking for subjects that are in demand and searched for frequently.

The best type of ebook to write is one that offers help or information to the readers. People are always looking for knowledge on how to do something. If you have experience in a certain area that is popular, then it will be much easier to write your ebook.

If not do some research, there are many places to find information like search engines, forums, discussion boards and groups. Visit these and get some ideas you if you are not sure what to write about. See what type of problem was being discussed in the forums and discussion boards.

If you find a topic that is often being discussed, then if you can produce an ebook that gives information or solutions to the problems, then it is possible to have a successful product.

So you have found your subject, how many pages does your ebook need? There is no correct answer to this. It is better to have 30 pages of really good helpful information than 300 pages of words that do not offer advice.

Remember everyone that buys ebooks wants information not an English classic novel. If you have done your research whether it is from your own experience, private label content, forums, discussion boards, then start to write. It really is easier than most people think.

Depending on the time available it is possible to have your ebook ready in a week. Obviously this varies from person to person. But do the preparation and get writing. It is easy to write 40 pages in a week when you do not keep stopping to research for more information all the time.

An important point to remember is how to prepare your ebook. There are two formats .exe and pdf. You should produce your ebook in pdf format. This means that every computer can read it. With .exe format anyone with a mac computer will not be able to access the book.

Now there are many options of software available that will produce a pdf for you. These products range in price form free to $300.

It is important to give an introduction to your ebook, an index and a conclusion perhaps with helpful links to gain further information.

It is also important to get an ecover designed to give a more professional image. Again this can be achieved with software for free, but to get a better quality have it designed by a specialist in this area.

John is the owner of 1st Make Money Online. If you are looking for help to write an ebook visit:

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