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Sales Letter Writing - The Final Push

Posted by Stuart Elliott on: 2006-09-21 23:12:47

Self SEO > Copywriting Articles

You started by writing the headline of your sales letter, moved through the body and now you're getting to the nitty-gritty part of your copy - getting your prospect to part with his money...

Will He or Won't He Buy?

By now you have acknowledged and agitated the problem your prospect is facing, you have introduced your solution to him and, boy what a glorious solution you have for his problems...

You have stressed the benefits of your solution and shown your collection of testimonials to back up all your claims about your product's effectiveness. Your prospect has read your iron-clad guarantee and feels secure that were he to buy from you he would have no risk whatsoever.

Your client has no doubts as to how miserable his life will be if he doesn't find a solution to the problems he is facing.

In fact you've built up an intense desire in your prospect for your product or your solution to his woes... But this is still not the time to let up - the marriage hasn't been consummated yet - he still hasn't hit your order button!

You still have to persuade him to hit that 'buy' button and enter his credit card details into your online order form.

You can't give him the slightest chance to hesitate, you have to show him a stunning sub-headline that pushes him over the edge and makes him hit that buy button with a frenzy that will leave him breathless.

This follow-up sub-headline must impel him into immediate action, whatever you say must be strong enough to remove all the last vestiges of doubt from his mind.

He's near boiling point after reading your powerful sales copy so the final push could be:

"Stop losing money immediately, invest in your copy now"

"Why wait until tomorrow to change your life?"

"It is time to get a better life, isn't it?"

"If you aren't man enough to take on a challenge - Don't Order Now!"

"Are you ready to really change your life?"

"Take 'XYZ' program for a test drive now"

"I challenge you to try 'ABC' out for 30 days, risk-free"

You can also remind your prospect about your risk-free guarantee policy:

"Don't forget that when you invest in 'XYZ' I shoulder all the risk... You have a full 90 days to profit from this investment..."

You can also use the fear of loss to help push your prospect over the edge. Show him exactly what he stands to lose if he doesn't invest in your solution now.

If necessary remind him why he has read your sales letter so far, restate and reagitate the problems he is facing, remind him of your solution and urge him to act now otherwise his life will continue to be miserable.

Don't forget to add a couple of PS's after your signature.

Many people will scroll to the bottom of your sales letter and read these first, they should contain the major benfits and/or the fear of loss as mentioned above.

As a final thought why not remind your prospect that all the smart people have already invested in your product or solution and ask him if he really wants to be isolated in society.

The need to fit in is a big psychological tool that you can use to great effect in your sales letter.

Copyright 2006 Stuart Elliott

Stuart Elliott is a world-class copywriter who has written numerous articles about sales letters and copywriting. Pick up your free copywriting power guide at

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