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Germany: The World's Top Consumer for Domain Names

Posted by Patrick Connor on: 2006-09-10 22:48:48

Self SEO > Domain Name Articles

Germany hits the bull's eye once again. Recently, they have been declared as the world's second top consumer for domain names next to the United States. This is no surprise to a lot of people since Germany holds the title for having the largest number of internet users in Europe. The rules in domain names registration are lenient that is why Germans are so engrossed with domain names registration. The cost of domain names also are so cheap that anybody can avail of this. If you will look at the statistics of domain names and domain names registration in Germany, you will conclude that Germany is really taking advantage of the domain names global trend today. The Germans are taking over domain names and online business slowly little by little.

It was reported that the count of internet users in Germany is about thirty-five million. On the other hand, the registered .de domain name is 6.5 million. Germany has turned itself to a country of domains and it's people, domain savvy fanatics. Their CNO, which stands for .com, .net and .org, is about two million while, a German info registrar is by far the largest today. With these statistics to back Germany up, they will surely conquer online business world in a few years time.

The release of .de domain names by the University of Dortmund Internet department in 1991, marked the conception of a long successful domain industry in Germany. Then in 1996 DENIC, the German co-operative was established by German Internet Providers and became the center source for .de domain names registry. DENIC follows the same policies of .com domains. The main rule is that anyone can have a domain name if they have an address in Germany. It doesn't follow the costumer's adage "first come, first serve basis."

In Germany, most of the websites' homepage have the .de domains which are very popular to them. Those that have a .com, are not really thriving in Germany. Currently, .info is also becoming famous, but the experts say that it would not reach the popularity or statistics of .de users. Despite the downfall of internet worldwide, the German domain industry stood proudly as it continues to grow actively in the global internet market. In the recently posted statistics by DENIC, the German .info sales is higher than sales.

The reason German domain names industry is in motion and on top of everyone else's is its strong secondary *domain market*. It is supported by which is one of the top sellers of domain names. In fact, it has sold more than the combined Afternic and GreatDomains sales which is one-fourth of the market in the United States. Sedo also plays a major part in weaving together the basic and secondary markets in Germany by simply establishing partnerships with top registrar domain names' companies.

If you're a domain investor, it is best to try your business in the German market by signing up to Sedo and listing your domains. You can even enlist it on or, and they will instantly put your domains in as long as you indicate it. Germany is a good market for there are lots of domain names purchasers who will buy your domains in no time. If ever you feel that it's not going well, you can always resell your domain names in a higher price. In this way, you can gain some income.

In other domain news in Germany, becomes the ten millionth domain name. This shows the dramatic increase of domain names in Germany as DENIC's rules have become lenient just to accommodate lots of domain name registration. On the other hand, United Kingdom also announced that they hit five million domain names with Nominet. Accordingly, they ranked fourth place in the world's top domain countries today. These news are certainly favorable to the domain industry as more and more countries have increasing domain names. This will surely uplift the domain market to the next level.

As for Germany, there's a lot of room for growth and development for their domain industry. In fact, if their current sales grow more, the number of domain names will double in just a few years time.

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