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Keeping Your Computer Happy

Posted by Mae Paulino on: 2006-09-10 17:26:49

Self SEO > Hardware Articles

Does your computer last for only a year or so, hangs every so often, and gets struck by virus most of the time? Are you giving it enough hours of rest? Is it cool enough most of the times? Can its memory handle all the applications that you use?

If you still don't know it by now, computers are like people too! Yep, you read it right, computers may not feel like we do but it also suffers from stress that is brought by overworking and can break down if without proper care - computers, like people, also needs to be looked after to get the right productivity that you expect from it. This article aims to shed some light on how to make your computer happy and efficient that will last for a long time.

  • Invest on quality hardware, repairs or upgrades as well as up-to-date and original software programs.
One of the mistakes that people make is that whenever they encounter a problem with their computer like hanging and viruses is that they would usually leave it and would not perform any diagnostic tests at all. If you are one of these people, stop the habit for remember, prevention is always better than cure. We have to remember to treat our computers like we would to ourselves whenever we're sick. We would not just let ourselves be consumed by stress... right?
Investing does not mean keeping up with what's "the latest", the "hippest" and the most expensive gadget the market has to offer. It's basically just giving your computer what it needs for it to function as fast as you want it to be. One thing though, you have to make sure it's one of the best (but still budget-friendly) so you're not putting money down the drain.
Same goes with software programs, pirated software programs may be cheap when you bought it some where, however, the end result will make you wish you had just settled with the real thing. One of the downsides of having pirated programs is that because it's pirated you are not given the opportunity for support as well as the freebies that is available to legal users. Another downside of using illegal programs is that because you are not given the right support, more viruses and other harmful scripts may be left unfiltered by your computer thus, causing more harm and making you shed more money for the cost of the repairs. So for me, it is better to put money out on one go rather than having to shed it one at a time due to screw ups.
  • Don't forget to run tests every week.
If your computer seems as if it takes years to boot and respond even to your simplest queries, then maybe you're not doing diagnostic tests frequently enough. Files need to be sorted accordingly to make some space for new files that you are about to create and to be able to increase the access speed; that is what Disk Defragmenter is for. It is usually bundled with several operating systems like Microsoft, utility systems like Norton Antivirus and several standalone defragmenter programs. It had to be run as often as once a week to achieve an optimum speed for your computer.

Running utility tests every week will be of big help to keep your computer virus and worm-free. Remember to keep your anti-virus programs updated to ensure that they will be able to protect your computer from the latest virus program on the web. In addition, sometimes, anti-virus programs are just not enough, and that means you have to have other software that will shield your computer from any malicious scripts and programs. Adding some pop-up blocker and spyware products won't hurt your budget since there are several applications in the web that are free for download.

  • Cool it.
If you go from one task to the next without the luxury of rest, the end result would be you would be overly strain and then just breakdown. Computers are not different; you have to let it rest for a couple of hours before resuming work especially if you do not have air conditioners within your workplace. In addition to this, you must also make sure that your computer has the necessary cooling solutions to keep your computer from overheating when you have to work overtime.
  • Do not collect dusts.
Make sure that you clean your computer at least once in three months so that it is not only free from those pesky viruses and worms but also dust-free. The keyboard is got to be the dirtiest in all the set so I suggest that you take special notice of it. I found a very helpful article on how to clean your keyboard thoroughly and you can see it by clicking here.
Your computer is not the only thing that must be cleaned; you also have to be sure to clean your workspace everyday and your environment free from pests since they will also be responsible in destroying your computer hardware.
These are but simple tips, but if followed correctly, will provide you with a harmonious and long relationship with your computer.

Mae Paulino is a web designer for 2 years. She is currently working for Wicked Innovations - Your Quality Offshore Web Development Partner. Get the internet presence you have been dreaming for with Wicked Innovations.

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