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Link Baiting -- The Most Powerful Link Building Technique On The Internet Today

Posted by Bhavesh Patel on: 2006-09-04 03:39:37

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A lot of people are under the mistaken notion that the back links they will be able to win are those that they will have to actually pursue. These back links are the ones, they believe, will be awarded to them after searching, courting and convincing webmasters of other websites.

Link building is not composed of this tactic alone.

There is such a thing as link baiting, where the quality of your content will be enough to invite the attention of other webmasters and have them dying to include your works in their own websites. And as such, they’d have no choice but to link to your content, winning for your favor the back links that you need.

What Is Link Baiting?

Link baiting is not a difficult concept to understand. However, it can be a difficult method to implement.

The idea is to set up content pages that have articles which possess the following traits:

1. The articles are highly informative;

2. The articles are well written;

3. The articles are engaging; and

4. The articles as well as the information they seek to convey are unique, and they cannot be found anywhere else in the World Wide Web

In a way, as many people have come to accept, link baiting is a manner of taking other webmasters hostage. You have the content that they need. You know they want it bad. But you won’t give it to them. Hence, they’ll be left with no other recourse but to link to your website.

Why Is Link Baiting An Effective Strategy To Use?

Ultimately, you’d want to establish an automated system for your online business. Now, manually pursuing link partners is hardly consistent with such a goal for automation. You need something that you can leave behind for a few days, yet it will still continue to rake in the links you need.

Link baiting is one such strategy. You will be relying on the strength of your content, and since your content is perpetually housed on your website, it will always be there, ready to be seen by the whole world, and ready to be picked up by any and all webmasters interested with the same.

Essential Considerations In A Link Baiting Campaign

Link baiting is very much like fishing. Instead of angling for a bass, however, you’d be angling for links. Other webmasters will be the game. Your content will be the lure.

As with fishing, the important thing is to find the right spot. Hence, search engine optimization tactics are still required. The best way by which other webmasters will be able to find your website will be through the search engines after all. You have to place your web pages at prominent positions in the search engine results.

But wouldn’t this be inconsistent with the goal of link baiting: to gather quality links for a higher page rank?

Yes and no. You see, link baiting is a strategy that is not only concerned with getting a high PR. It is likewise a strategy that seeks to preserve a high PR. A high PR can be gained through SEO practices and solid link building techniques, but these are things you won’t want to do forever. Hence, link baiting becomes important so that you can easily win the links you’d otherwise have to bleed for, links which are necessary to preserve your page rank.

There are many kinds of content that are proven to be excellent link baits. These are:

• Newsworthy pieces that share revolutionary information which other websites do not convey;

• Humorous entries that are just begging to be spread;

• “How to” articles that are always in demand; and

• Attacks against existing paradigms that offer a novel perspective on certain beliefs.

Bhavesh Patel is a full-time Software Developer & Internet Marketer.

Website: Reciprocal Links Exchange

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