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About Writing for Ezines

Posted by Susan Scharfman on: 2006-07-04 03:29:26

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“You don’t write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say.”—F. Scott Fitzgerald

Some of the greatest artists in history were ignored and even laughed at during their lifetimes. Yet their works are now in museums and libraries. New York City restaurants are brimming over with waiters and waitresses looking for their first big break. If you are a creative person that practices their art but has difficulty getting paid for it, you are not alone.

Newspapers, magazines, television networks and local TV stations hire interns who work for no pay and are happy to have the experience the jobs afford. Millions of aspiring artists, dancers, actors, poets, play writes, novelists and writers of every genre are willing to work for little or nothing for the love of their craft and most importantly—as a vehicle for self-expression. So what’s it all about—this controversy over writing gratis for Ezines?

Unless success was white-gloved to them on a platinum tray, or they are parasites that plagiarized their way to fame and fortune, those already established writers that criticize writers who publish their original articles in cyberspace are forgetting where they came from and how they got where they are. I may disagree with their opinions, but I respect their right to express them. In fact it behooves these very flowers of the literati to encourage their fellow writers, rather than disparage them. Offer them a suggestion; give them a tip. Where else than through the frontier of cyberspace can a person’s ideas be read around the world?

Writers who belittle other writers for writing for Ezines are either threatened with low self-worth, or they are victims of their selfish egocentric conscience. Making a living in any art form is tough enough without having to dodge snipers. When someone has written a piece that is accepted by a reputable publisher, including a reputable Ezine, that person is a writer. He or she should wear their rejections proudly, chalk them up to experience and persevere. A critic with limited vision should not deter them. I have received emails from as far as South Africa, China and Spain. As a result I’ve acquired great reference material and made new international friends who have asked me to edit their work. You never know where your next break will come from, or who will decide they like your style and hire you.

Like him or hate him, the following is a quote for all to imbibe from a master of the macabre, a man who suffered “the slings and arrows” of snipers, addiction and rejection.

“When asked, ‘how do you write?’ “I invariably answer,” ‘one word at a time’"—Stephen King


A writer/editor, I work with one client at a time, beginner or pro, for a cost effective solution to your writing and editing needs. Visit me at http://www.susanscharfman.com.

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