How To Gain Instant Credibility With Your Own Podcast Keyword Discovery
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How To Gain Instant Credibility With Your Own Podcast

Posted by Keith DeSantis on: 2006-07-04 03:16:23

Self SEO > Podcasting Articles

Without your word you have nothing.

You can have a high quality product and the most compelling sales copy describing every benefit, but you won't be churning out any orders if nobody believes a word your saying.

People will always be skeptical when presented with a great offer, especially if they don't know who you are. Before you conduct business with anyone they need to trust you.

To build Trust & Credibility you must find ways to prove to your clients that you are capable of delivering the results you are promising. It's much easier to sell something to your target market if they trust you and see you as a credible person.

You don't need years of schooling, certifications and impressive awards to build credibility with your potential customers. Building credibility is much easier then you think.

So How Can Podcasting Help You Build Instant Credibility?

You can use podcasting to make traditional ways of building credibility and trust much more powerful and effective.

Here's How:

Podcast real testimonials from your clients. It's much more powerful to hear or see the customer raving about your product then to simply read it.

Podcast valuable information and news about your industry, passion or hobby. As a source of news and valuable information you are instantly seen as an expert.

Interview an expert and podcast it as an episode. If you’re rubbing elbows with experts and millionaires, you will certainly gain credibility with your prospects.

Get interviewed by another podcaster. When you’re the one being interviewed, you put yourself on a higher level then the average Joe.

Develop a personal relationship and bond with your prospects by speaking directly to them. Podcasting allows your potential customers to take you with them anywhere including their car, the gym, for a walk, on the plane...anywhere!

Podcasting opens up opportunities for joint ventures and partnerships.

By having your own podcast you have instant credibility. An author is seen as an authority on the subject they write about, you will be seen as an authority on the subject you podcast about.

Podcasting can truly help you gain instant credibility?

Your podcast doesn’t have to be long, complicated or contain and special talent. There are highly successful "Tip of the Week" type podcasts that are only 1 minute long, yet they build credibility and trust with the listeners resulting in booming business!

Are you ready to podcast on the global frequency and master this powerful new media?