SPLOGS - Do They Really Suck? Keyword Discovery
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SPLOGS - Do They Really Suck?

Posted by Lance Winslow on: 2006-06-22 18:15:22

Self SEO > Anti Spam Articles

What the heck is a SPLOG and who keeps making up these new Industry Terms for the Internet anyway? Well someone has to make up a name for some of the new things going on as the Internet Evolves. SPLOGS is a term that is used to describe "SPAM BLOGs."

You have seen these Junk Websites, which are filled with content that was scraped from some legitimate website, such as an article directory site, a blog or forum. Sometimes an actual website where the pages were copied. On these sites you will see many advertisers or syndicated advertising and pay per click ads of various types. Some article websites lose out to these “Cheaters” on junk SPLOG websites and it also cheats the Internet Surfer out of a quality day at the beach surfing. One Article website leading the charge against these SPLOGS and those who promote them is the fearless Christopher Knight and he tells his article authors on his; “Category Killer” Online article directory website specially designed for Ezine Editors and authors that:

“Any author listed on our site that gets reported or identified and investigated for splogging will lose their account. We do not want to associate with those who engage in SPLOGGING. The last thing we need on this planet is more SPLOGS -- they are just as evil as email-based spamming.”

Many website owners are sick and tired of their content being stolen from their websites and one smart cookie; Soni Pitts of; http://www.sonipitts.com/ asks; “Got any advice for those of us who have been scraped? I've seen my stuff slapped onto a lot of splogs, but to be honest it seems that A) contacting them to take my content down simply invites further conversation with a splogger (and gives them my email address) and B) is simply a more Augean task than I care to take on, given the sheer numbers. . .”

There is not much we can do about copyright infringement on the Internet, but companies like Google are de-listing some them so it makes their search results cleaner. You can see the huge problem out their with these SPLOGS. Myself as an little unknown author could not agree more, what is bad about these SPLOGS is that they scrape our articles put them everywhere on junk BS websites, then we get penalized in the search engines when our same articles shows up everywhere, as duplicate content and thus no one reads them.

You see, most surfers who hit these sites click out and leave and are mad. This destroys the Internet and the Internet surfing experience, as humans like to track and hunt down information it makes them feel good and also the discovery of information.

Finding interesting articles and ironic information makes their N400 brainwave activate; it makes human beings happy as scientists have discovered. But when an Internet Surfer hits a "junk website" that is what I call them; then they are skeptical of the entire Internet and that hurts everyone including the forward progression of information sharing and the human race.

The BBC made mention of this and so did the Register Online this week, it is a huge problem which is slowing but it is still out there and problematic. Mr. Chris Knight and other Internet Web Gurus have been critical of this situation and gone out of their way in mentioning it previously, now the whole world is listening as these SPLOGs or Junk Websites are clogging up the flow of Information to the Internet.

One other issue which is quite serious and few seem to take into account is that it ties up servers and hogs bandwidth as these copyright bandits scrape the crème and rip off the articles from legitimate article directory websites and hard working Internet Entrepreneurs. I think it is unethical and absolute BS, when folks do this. What do you think?

"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/

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