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The Pros of Email List Building

Posted by Chase Davenport on: 2006-05-01 16:04:29

Self SEO > Email Marketing Articles

Email list building is an important aspect of internet marketing. Very few visitors will buy a product on the first visit to a site. If you have collected their email address, however, you can lure them back to the site at any time in the future with promotional emails. This greatly increases your chance of converting a visitor into a purchasing customer.

Advertising costs time and money. List building, on the other hand, provides you with a conduit to promote your site directly to potential customers relatively free of charge.

Many sites use "squeeze pages" which force visitors to enter their email address in order to access the site. This is a type of "forced lead" that many internet marketers use to build their lists, and there are several programs out there specifically for squeeze page generation. Other sites use a more casual "opt-in" method where users are offered updates, etc. through email subscription but are not forced to enter their email address in order to access the site.

Even if a very small percentage of visitors that give you their email address actually read or respond to any of your emails, this is still an effective way to hang on to a visitor. Each visitor becomes a potentially recurrent visitor if you can stay connected to them through email.

Beyond that, email lists allow you to market to customers and offer them special offers that can lead to recurring sales from the same customer. Your list is a way to stay in touch with your customer, rather than simply surrendering them. If your product is good and you have treated the customer well, you will begin to build a rapport which can generate sales simply by word of mouth. This saves you time and energy in advertising and is much more valuable than simple text hyperlinked image ads. As long as you are genuine, convincing, and don't hound your email subscribers too often, email marketing can be very effective.

Email lists take a long time to build but are worth the effort it takes to build and maintain them. Without a list, you will always be searching and prodding for new customers. As I said, this takes massive amounts of time and expertise through advertising. A list provides you with a customer base that you can always return to and only aggregate. With a quality product and deft email marketing, you truly can generate huge profits through your list.

Chase Davenport is an Associate Partner at Madison & Monroe, the internet's premier source for online moneymaking information, products, and reviews.

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