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Connecting to Family with Video Podcasting

Posted by Adam Peck on: 2006-04-28 16:48:51

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Video podcasting is a fantastic way to stay in touch with family members around the corner or around the world.

A podcast is an audio or video file distributed by RSS software that can be downloaded on the Internet. But rather than normal audio or video files, which can only be downloaded when the user decides, once a podcast has been created, subscribers automatically receive new episodes.

This is because of RSS software. RSS - which stands for Really Simple Syndication - is a technology that feeds a description of web content with a link to the original content, When content is updated, the RSS feeds a headline and description to subscribers automatically.

When combined with a podcast, it allows subscribers to see when a new episode of the podcast has been created, and it will automatically be downloaded to subscribers.

Podcast technology provides families with the opportunity to keep in touch through multimedia means, adding a dimension email and photos cannot provide. Video podcasting allows family members to feel as if they were there, even if they live across the country.

Video recordings of birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and family excursions are perfect for a video podcast. And rather than family recordings being kept for family get-togethers or anniversaries, podcasting allows families to share their moments almost as they happen.

Are you looking to add a video component to family communications? Podcasting is a perfect option because it is fun, easy to create, inexpensive, and secure.

Podcasts can be password protected so only your family and friends are able to see the videos. You can be assured your memories and precious moments are shared with only those you choose and provide the password to.

Creating a video podcast is quite simple. Once you have a video recording of footage you would like to podcast, export the file as a .mov or .mpeg4, and place the file in new a folder. You will then need to create an RSS file to publish the file.

In the RSS document you will put vital information like subject matter, keywords, website, contact info and other information about the podcast.

When this RSS file has been created, it is placed in the same folder as the audio file on the podcasting server. When you have posted a video file and published it using your RSS file, you have successfully created a podcast. All that is left is to upload it to the Internet.

Once you have uploaded the podcast folder to a server, you can attach a link of the podcast to your homepage, or simply email the link to your loved-ones. Because it is an RSS file, all they have to do is subscribe to the podcast, and they will receive updates automatically when other podcast episodes are created.

A video podcast of your family is a fun and innovative way to keep in touch with one another, no matter where you or your family is.

Adam Peck is a freelance journalist in Toronto, Ont., Canada. Visit for more information about podcasting. Northstreams Inc., is a Toronto-based company that specializes in producing professional video and audio podcasts.

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