3 Strategies to Promote Product Through Ezine Keyword Discovery
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3 Strategies to Promote Product Through Ezine

Posted by Erny Setyawati on: 2006-07-24 17:18:28

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Many Internet marketers have known about Ezine. Ezine or Electronic Magazine usually publish daily, weekly or monthly. Much information could be taken from Electronic Magazine like business article, health, technology, motivation or humor. Many Electronic Magazines could build many members and so electronic magazine was potential place to promote program and product.

Now a question will come to us? Does electronic magazine the best place for promotion? As matter of fact, there are a few ezine offer highest price for promotion. Although there are a few ezine offer low price, like at Vector Central magazine or Bali Global Market ezine. People that have just joined affiliate program, perhaps they never know what is the Ezine mean? As new internet marketer could take information as much as possible from there. We could take marketing strategies, tactic and others breakthroughs. Ezine that have just published usually offer free ad, but according to me, it was not effective because you would competitor with others.

Directory of Ezine is place for electronic magazine assemble around the world. You can see many ezine there and could join free and place free ad for few ezine. You only pay one time for one year, but you can have a chance to promote your product and program as free as possible. There are many ways to promote your program through ezine, let’s see strategies below:

1. Trying to write an article.

For new comer on home business on line is very confusing to write article, because this fields is so strange and difficult. The obstacles could be covered by learning and much read about internet marketing. Try to write about the knowledge that you have known after much learning and reading. Try to write with simple words and being understood by some one else. Writing article just same with telling story to others. Submit your article to many ezine. By reading your bibliography, could build good image. People would think that you are professional on that field. You can place your URL link; make every one want to know more about your program and product. Do every Ezine receive article from others authors? Sure, many ezine will receive that idea. Just search submit article on yahoo search, you will find more. Except on www.ezinearticles.com, this ezine is more selective to receive article, but you can much learn from them.

2. Trying to write testimony.

Many ezine give a chance to their subscribers to give comment and testimony about them. Like on Vector central ezine and Bali global market ezine would place the best subscriber testimony on their publication. This is the best chance for your promotion. Guarantee that many subscribers would see you and trying to click your URL.

3. Trying to create an ezine or Newsletter. This idea is difficult one. You should create your own website, but for trial and error could create simple Newsletter and send to your subscribers by email. By sending the newsletter, you could place advertisement on it. How do article come from? Just think so simple. Take from others ezine. Consider what do your subscribers like? Affiliate program or about blogging, technology or the others. The best one, if you could write by yourself.

The others problem, where do the subscribers come from? Trying to build list is not easy. If you have joined affiliate program, we are sure you had have down line, make down line as your subscribers. Give them information about the strategies and tactic to make their success on affiliate program. By sending newsletter to your down line, you could communicate with them regularly. Plan the publication, daily, weekly or monthly. Being punctual publication and keep the subscribers love the Newsletter.

Erny Setyawati is the Web Master of http://www.baliglobalmarket.com and the Publisher / Editor of Bali Global Market Ezine. The Newsletter is full freebies, articles and free advertisement for member. You are tired of spending money for advertisement and need responsive subscribers. Join us today and let's me spread your product and services to our subscribers. Let's visit free at: http://www.baliglobalmarket.com

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