Seven Reasons to Advertise on Ezines Keyword Discovery
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Seven Reasons to Advertise on Ezines

Posted by Erny Setyawati on: 2006-07-24 17:18:00

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Every Internet Marketers should know about Electronic Magazine (Ezine). There are hundreds Ezine have been created by people in the world. Through Ezine could be knew every think, from marketing strategies, humor, cooking, culture, health, home business and others topic. Many topics have been created through Ezine, so that people could take articles and improve their knowledge from them. One of my friends always waits for her favorite Ezine. She felt disappointed when her favorite Ezine not publish because of some think wrong. However, many Ezine could gain many subscribers, because of the good content and professional management.

Because of Ezine is so popular, so that many entrepreneurs, marketers placed advertisement on them. The reality, Ezine could gain many subscribers. People would read the content and click the advertisement. Advertise on Ezine is more effective than traditional advertisement. There was a survey that said many Ezine offered low cost for advertisement. Although there were a few Ezine offered for high cost. Many new marketers are so interested to place advertisement on Ezine, because many Ezines also offer free ad, although the effectiveness of free ad is still hesitated.

Now, we began to see how far could Ezine promote advertisement to people? Perhaps you could consider about that.

1. Extremely targeted audience.

People create ezines have special topic to discuss so that one become member of the Ezine because of being interested in the topic. Most of the Ezines discuss about home business, internet marketing solution and there are a few discuss about health, gardening, cooking and culture. The segmentation of the people that have joined Ezine had potential target audience to become prospect of business.

2. Trust factor.

People become subscribers of the Ezine, because of trust on the content. Because of the trust, subscribers would give attention to advertisement that placed on them.

3. More readerships.

Many Ezines could get many subscribers because of value content on them. People are interested to join Ezine because they would get value from them. You could imagine, how many subscribers would read and click your banner ad, if you placed ad on them.

4. More deliverability.

Most of the Ezines deliver by email and on line. It is more effective than traditional way. Many Ezines also create by html, so it look more interesting and lovely to see. Many people have chance to see your advertisement. There are many publishers also offer free banner design to the subscribers that place advertisement on their ezine.

5. Cost effective and profitable.

Ezine advertisement is more effective than traditional way. It is proven to generate more response than traditional way. Ezine have segmentation readers that are interested in special topic so that you would not spend much money to promote your product or program.

6. Easier and less money to spend.

It is proven that place advertisement on Ezine easier and less money to spend. You just contact Editor or publisher by email and send your advertisement writing. Let’s Editor/ Publisher design your banner and you pay by credit card or pay pal. Few days your advertisement would run smoothly to subscribers of the ezine.

7. More global than traditional.

Most of the Ezines have connecting to the internets, so many people around the world would join the ezine. Of course, it is depends of the topic, interesting or not. More interesting topic that the ezine have, more subscribers would come. So your advertisement would be seen by many people.

The successful of ad writing and banner that place on the ezine, it depends also to writing adv that you have created. It is hot or not! It is very interesting or not.

Erny Setyawati is the Web Master of and the Publisher / Editor of Bali Global Market Ezine. The Newsletter is full freebies, articles and free advertisement for member. You are tired of spending money for advertisement and need responsive subscribers. Join us today and let's me spread your product and services to our subscribers. Let's visit free at:

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