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Computer Slow Processing Problems

Posted by Vinay Rana on: 2006-03-29 21:19:13

Self SEO > Personal Tech Articles

This is not an uncommon problem these days when a computer got stuck up in performing some tasks or operations.

The basic reasons behind this problems as follows:

Tons of unwanted software installed in the computers. Try to remove unwanted software in the computer. Because they consume lot of computer hard disk and also requires a large chunk of your computer RAM (Random Access Memory). Sometime some crucial files required for running these programs or software may get deleted or corrupted, so it results in hanging up your PC.

Do not install too many games that require heavy graphics, this will cause the computer to slow down and sometimes cause hang ups. If you really want to enjoy all that heavy games, get good RAM like 528 MB and any top end processor. This will help you boosting the performance of your computer when you run high graphic games.

Remove all the temporary files in the computer, they also slows down computer.

Try to do the defragmentation of Hard Disk once a week, it will boost up the performance of your computer.

Try to prevent your computer from dust by covering it with dust covers, as dust is one of the top enemy of PCs. Keep your computer in a dry place as moist conditions are not good for the computer.

The points may help you improving and boosting the performance of your computer.

Take Care,

Happy Computing

The ideas above are own ideas of the author based on his 10 years experience on internet and networks. The author is not responsible in anyway for any damage or loss of data caused to the user directly or indirectly.

Author's Educational Achievements
Masters of Business with Specialization in Marketing and Information Technology
Bachelors in Electronic Science

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