Why Directory Submission Is Important And Its Role In Search Engines Keyword Discovery
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Why Directory Submission Is Important And Its Role In Search Engines

Posted by Mansi Gupta on: 2006-02-24 15:29:57

Self SEO > Online Promotion Articles

Many webmasters today fail to understand the differences between a search engine and a directory. Failure to differentiate between the two has often led to failures in effectively using Internet directories.

Search engines use automated programs called spiders, which find and collect information from web pages in order to add them into the database of the search engine. The search engines also find other WebPages through links, and human editors review each site before adding them into their directories.

The reason why directory submission is so important these days is because many search engines use human edited directories in order to determine the value of the websites they index. This is why it is important for you to carefully review the directory you choose to submit your site to and how to correctly submit it.

The first important factor to consider when submitting your site to directories is the design of your site. Since many directories are human edited, your site will be reviewed to decide if it should be listed. Websites with poor designs may be seen as being negative in the eyes of those reviewing them. You may need to hire a web designer in order to give your site a professional look.

The second factor is following the submission guidelines of the directory. Each directory has its own specific rules which must be followed in order to get your site accepted. Always take the time to carefully read over these rules to make sure you're following guidelines. It is a waste of time and energy to submit your site to directories without first reading the guidelines, as many of them will reject your site if you don't follow directions.

The third important factor in directory submission is making sure you use the correct title, keywords, and descriptions in the right category. Study the directory you're interested in prior to submitting your site in order to determine how most of their sites are listed. Use basic keywords, which relate to your site's content, and don't add keywords, which are not related to your site.

If you add incorrect keywords you will annoy the editors, who rely on keywords to bring up the results in their directories. It is a fact that many search engines today relies on quality links from human edited directories. It is important to do your research in order to save time and get the best results from your work.

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