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File Upload Turnkey Website

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File Upload Turnkey Website

Only $9.95

Uploaderr is a brilliant, quick, AJAX powered and easy-to-install file upload script, ready for use. It has lightning-fast file uploading interface, and also an administrator control panel, which gives the ability for the webmaster to:

  • Change the maximum allowed file size
  • Configure allowed file extensions
  • Records total number of uploads
  • Provides an archive of uploaded files, and the ability to rename or delete them, including a unique search feature which allows you to pick out a file from the archive
  • Built-in support form to email developers of any problems with the script

By purchasing, you'll also receive an UNLIMITED multi-domain license, which means you can use the script on all the domains you wish!

The script itself is securely built, and made for those who quickly wish to start up their own file hosting website. If you don't know much about coding, don't worry, it comes with an installer that installs the script onto your website for you!

This amazing file uploading script is coming with a great designed ready to use turnkey website - you can setup your very own file upload service within 10 minutes from now.


Script Demo:

Preview the Upload Interface

Preview Administration Control Panel


Script requirements:

In order to setup and run the Uploaderr file upload script on your server, you will need PHP 5.2.3 and a MySQL database.

Only $9.95

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