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Search engine domain position PHP Script

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Search engine domain position PHP Script

Only $9.95

With this tool, you can specify a list of domains and it will check their position within the search results for a specific keyword combination. This way you can easily compare how your competition ranks for your keywords. This tool supports Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines.

Please note, however, that the position that you see in our demo tool can be slightly different from what you are seeing in browser. Google, for example, has several data centers around the world and the search results, let's say, in US will most probably look a bit different than in Europe (where is our host is located).

Server requirements

This search engine domain position checking script requires a PHP powered server with GD graphics library installed (for the image verification). This library is installed on the most PHP servers anyways but please check with your hosting provider if you are unsure.

Script Demo

The keyword position check script demo is available here

Only $9.95

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