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Search Engine Articles

Search Engine Articles

Factors Helpful In Attaining Top Search Engine Rankings

You have developed a great website, found it reliable. Now you are ready to do your online business but where are your customers? This is the general question that comes in the mind of every owner of the site who has created a fresh website to start his online business. In order to attract customers every website must attain top search engine rankings. Getting into the first three pages is good but only 7 percent of the internet users are able to reach it. Thus the competition for the top slot ...

Yahoo Guidelines for submission and optimization

Will your website rank higher in yahoo search engine pages? Will you get listed in yahoo? These are the general questions that come in your mind while optimizing for yahoo. For this you need to follow certain submission and optimization guidelines to get listed.

How To Get your website indexed in 24 hours free - Guaranteed

You will need: 1 A website already built and optimized for search engine traffic. 2 A list of your top 5 keywords, key phrases relating to your website content. 3 A clear head.

The Secrets Of Getting High Traffic For Your Site From Search Engines

Many webmasters who hate any form of control will hate to ever admit it, but the fact is that well over 80 per cent of the traffic web sites and blog sites typically receive still comes in via search engines. It matters little that in recent times search engines have had to face the wrath of webmasters who have seen their traffic wiped out virtually overnight by unfavorable adjustments in their algorithms. Many have abandoned search engine optimization in a huff and sworn to find other ways to ...

Discover How Easy it is to Get FREE Search Engine Traffic and What Most Networkers Simply Do NOT Know!

Most “Network Marketers” KNOW that many skilled “Internet Marketers” are making LOTS of money generating FREE Search Engine traffic to their websites without spending a fortune on Pay-Per-Clicks!

How To Stay Out Of Google's Supplemental Index

Google's Supplemental Index - What You Need To Know If you run an online website or business you have probably already heard about Google's Supplemental Index. You may have even heard it being referred to as Google's Gulag, Google's Digital Dungeon, or the moniker that seems to have stuck: Google Hell.

Google Algorithm Update Analysis

Anybody who monitors their rankings with the same vigor that we in the SEO community do will have noticed some fairly dramatic shifts in the algorithm starting last Thursday (July 5th) and continuing through the weekend. Many sites are rocketing into the top 10 which, of course, means that many sites are being dropped at the same time. We were fortunate not to have any clients on the losing end of that equation however we have called and emailed the clients who saw sudden jumps ...

Simplify your business through search engine marketing tips

All the big names in the world of trade and business are undertaking search engine marketing tips to make their business venture a success. Someone said that tips means to induce prompt service and this definition fits very well in the context of search engine marketing tips. Anyone who has a web presence these days wishes to reach out to the maximum number of people who use the internet. The purpose of search engine marketing is to draw maximum numbers of visitors to an online site and if this ...

Search engine spiders and their purpose

Search engine spiders are by far one of the most useful things to come around in the last 10 years of the internet. They are useful not only to the web sites (Google and many others) that use them, but also to people who are searching for a particular site and those who run web sites. Spiders allow your site to be seen by the millions of people who use search engines every day. In this newsletter, we will discuss what search engine spiders do, how they work, and how to set up a robots.txt file ...

Is Google PageRank Still A Valid Marketing Tool?

The Google PageRank Toolbar in SEO circles is a hotly debated item, as are most issues dealing with Google. Some say it's useless, others say it gives you a general overview of your site's standing in Google. Regardless of who is right, this Toolbar shouldn't be ignored nor worshipped, just closely watched. The Google PR Toolbar is a simple tool you can download and place on your browser. When you surf the web, this toolbar will give you Google's PR or ...

Google's New Web Page Spider

Search engines use automated software programs that crawl the web. These programs called "crawlers" or "spiders" go from link to link and store the text and the keywords from the pages in a database. "Googlebot" is the name of Google's spider software.

Factors Effecting the Page rank

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm which assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references.

6 Things High Ranking Websites Have That Yours Doesn't

I've looked at a lot of websites over the years and helped a lot of clients, and I've yet to meet anyone who is totally committed to making their site as successful as it could be.

Are You Googlelized?

Google wants your business. So much so they're creating all kinds of neat tools to index your site in different ways, and many of them free. You can use these tools to help you build your business.

Google Web Site submission tips / Content is your friend

Getting your web page listed in Google is a huge plus for your internet marketing efforts. Having your web page appear in the first page of search results is one of the feathers in the cap that most marketers strive to get.

Google Sandbox Debunked By Google

If you’re reading about this then chances are you know about the supposed Google Sandbox that exists out there. For those of you who don’t the Google Sandbox is supposedly a period of time from a domain’s creation that that domain cannot rank in the search engine results page for highly competitive keywords. What period of time exactly? No one really knows, any guesses were made at between a few months to a year, depending on the keyword that you are trying to rank for. At PubCon 2006 in ...

The future of Internet: Real-time Web Search and the Semantic Web

The big boom in search engine effectiveness & usage, which led to the rise of Google, took place in 1998 when research on the use of link analysis in search engine algorithms, led to a new breed of search engines. Nowadays all major search engines incorporate link analysis functionality in their algorithms.

Yahoo!'s New Site Explorer - Submit and Track Your Website Today

Yahoo! recently expanded their search engine service and now offers users the ability to access information that Yahoo! has about a site's online presence. You can see which sites and sub-pages are indexed by Yahoo! Search, track sites that link into a webpage, and view the most popular pages from any site.

Is Live the Death of Google?

Dig into any self-labeled "SEO forum" and you'll probably find some neatly organized categories along the lines of "Google," "Yahoo," and "MSN". Checking the amount of activity in each will reveal the inclusion of Yahoo and especially MSN seems to be a mere "courtesy" on the part of the forum founders. Microsoft has been trying to change this for some time now, and the newly branded "Windows Live" is their latest attempt to do so. Will all those vacant MSN forums be lively any time ...

Know What Google Does To Index

SEO and webmaster functions are familiar to those with training and experience. But if you are a self made website owner an understanding of how Google works will erase anxious moments of why is it taking so long! Once you submit pages for indexing Google and other search engines can take as much as a month to index.

Google’s Online Feed Reader Application

Nothing is more frustrating than being inundated with information from the blogging community when you are clueless as how to manage all these content especially the ones you are interested in. In this regard, Google’s online feed reader application, Google Reader, can be of great help. Google Reader will keep track of all these fresh contents (feeds) making it easier to keep up with your ever-increasing list of contents from across the blogosphere.

Blocked from Emperor Google - Use the Fast Track Back in

The World Wide Web has several sides to it and while SEO plays a significant role in how your business succeeds, you must know there is a dark side which some experience and others don’t. What can hurt your business the most is being excluded or banned from Google’s indexing.

Analyzing Google Error

The following is an error that was witnessed by a Google user on July 3rd 2006. Below I give a possible explanations for what the error is saying.

Google SEO Tips - Getting Indexed

When most people talk about SEO, or search engine optimisation, they consider Google to be the most important of the search engines. In all honesty, this is a sensible assumption. Google are by far the most popular search engine and, because the algorithms they use change so frequently, they are also one of the more challenging of all the engines. Reaching the top spot in Google can yield hundreds or even thousands of search visitors every single day. These visitors are so sought after ...

Google and Yahoo Site Maps

Let’s discuss a site map (sometimes called a site index). To start, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about it.

Latent Semantic Indexing: What Is It?

Latent semantic indexing was introduced in an attempt to improve the service offered by Google and other search engines to those using their services.

The Open Directory Project - Your Key To Google's Heart

Let’s start it simple: Now, if I am lucky, you either didn’t click the link or you did but you came back here to read my article. Either way, you want to know why is the Open Directory Project so important for your website and Google. According to Wikipedia®, "The Open Directory Project (ODP), also known as dmoz (from, its original domain name), is a multilingual open content directory of World Wide Web links owned by Netscape that ...

Web Search Rankings And Plagiarism

Search Engines and Duplicate Content Plagiarism, which is nothing but copied content, produces duplicate content between two websites. It is well known that search engines are adverse to duplicate or identical content and that page rankings can suffer because of plagiarism. Google has guidelines against plagiarism and warns website owners against creating multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with substantially duplicate content, as stated in its Webmaster Guidelines. Having even a ...

The Google Goal Of Indexing 100 Billion Web Pages

Google’s Goal of Quality Search In their paper 'The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine' it is very evident that Google’s goal has always been to be one of the best search engines there is in terms of the quality of the results it gives. Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, however knew that in order to do this, Google needed to be able to store information efficiently and cost effectively and to have excellent crawling, indexing, and sorting methods or techniques. ...

7 Myths and Facts About Google SERPs

Myth: High Page Rank = high traffic. Fact: Big mistake. Page Rank only shows the popularity level of a website and has no connection with traffic. In fact, many websites with low Page Rank even have high traffic. Myth: Once your website is listed in a "link farm", Google will penalize it. Fact: Nonsense. Everyone is able to submit your website to a "link farm"; so what if it's one of your ...

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