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RSS Articles

RSS Articles

Profiting from RSS

RSS opens a new gateway to ever-flooding effective business strategies, never existed before, and creates a new dimension in the way you reach out to the public. When you, as a marketer/ businessman/company, decide to promote your business through the marketing strategies of Internet, try to take the maximum advantage of this interactive medium. When your website does not engage visitors, then your web-based promotional efforts have been crippled. What are the means to attract visitors to your ...

Why Just A Guide to RSS Aggregators

One of the most popular features of Internet portals, websites, pages and even emails is a frame that features an organized list of news headlines and periodic updates from other web sources. Really Simple Syndication, formerly “Rich Site Summary” or simply, RSS makes this possible.

Rss – Taking It To The People

If you are business blogging (b-blogging) you are likely finding Real Simple Syndication (RSS) an informational bonus for you in developing knowledge-based content for your blog or website.

RSS: The Basics All Bloggers Should Know

Blogs are making it possible for all of the world’s information to be accessible. But keeping up-to-date with the multitude of information you are interested in can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freshest news and content delivered directly to you without having to surf from one blog to another? RSS informs you when blogs have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and blog entries be they text, audio files, photographs or video in one screen as soon as they ...

RSS Usability Problems And Solutions

RSS is a family of web-feed formats that is used for web syndication. It can also be used by news websites, weblogs and podcasting, among others. The acronym can refer to various standards such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), Rich Site Summary (RSS 0.91 and RSS 1.0) and the RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and RSS 1.0)

10 Of The Best RSS Tips

RSS is not for everybody in the same way as all other mediums of technology are. However by far, RSS is considered the most reliable content delivery channel there is. It is also believed to be able to increase search engine rankings, enhance e-mail marketing and builds on that relationship, generates media coverage through content syndication, develop on-line conversations and a whole lot more of possibilities. As such, its users should be able to maximize its use for their greater benefit and ...

How To Keep Your Website Fresh With RSS

One of the biggest reasons people visit websites is to get information. If you can regularly provide fresh, quality content on your website you can expect to be rewarded by visitors and return visitors. What's more, you will be rewarded by the search engines. I recommended that you add new and original content to your site as often as possible, ideally once a day.

It’s becoming a rule “to RSS” information.

RSS is a family of web feed formats, specified in XML and used for Web syndication. RSS is mostly used by news websites, weblogs and podcasting but the tendency shows that everybody is trying to keep his information as RSS.

Marketing With RSS Feeds - Creating A Direct Link To Your Customers

What’s an RSS feed? Due to the overwhelming amount of spam on the internet, many users are turning from traditional newsletter subscriptions to RSS feeds to get their information. RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Besides connecting you directly to your customers, feeds are advantageous for several reasons:

Making The Most Of RSS

If you’re spending a lot of time online, you may be noticing a lot of websites with links to RSS feeds, and you may not be certain what these are. If you’re looking for current information or if you want to provide information, you may be missing out on a great tool.

Combining Subscribe Button With A Help Button

Most sites, especially blogs have feeds associated with them, but Internet users do not know what a feed is or how to use it. You’ve probably seen the little orange button with white writing (XML,RSS, Feeds, Syndicate This Site) on a web page or blog post. If you are a non-techie, you must have wondered what this little button is for. To ensure that Internet users know what a feed is, Dave Winer, RSS creator, advocates the use of one simple and universal button Subscribe, which leads to feeds ...

Debunking a Few RSS Myths

When I first published my series of 13 articles on RSS feeds, and finally finished them I thought that was it. Enough is enough. RSS is great and can be mastered by the newbie. I did my bit and finished.

Automate Your Web Pages Content with RSS Feeds

One of the key ingredients to keeping your website listed high with the search engines today is fresh content.

How to Use Simple Tag and Ping Marketing Techniques

If you're just heard the phrase 'Tag and Ping' and scratching your head in puzzlement --- this article may be worth your time. Not that Tag and Ping is some magic marketing formula that will deliver untold riches. It won't.

Quality Content + RSS Syndication = Increased Exposure

According to DoubleClick, one of the nations largest email marketing companies, the average open rate for an electronic newsletter is 27.5%, while the average click-through rate is 7.2%.

The Death of E-mail Marketing and the Rise of RSS? What Can You Do?

The recent announcement that AOL and Yahoo! will start charging e-mail marketers postage per thousand e-mail messages delivered, via the pay-me-to-deliver-email Goodmail program, is rocking e-mail marketers all around the world and at the same time making die-hard RSS fans proclaim the death of e-mail marketing.

Seven Ways to Increase Your RSS Conversions

RSS subscriptions are a new kind of Web bookmarking that guarantee a return visit. That’s exactly why I think RSS conversion technique is an important topic to discuss. What makes visitors subscribe, how can you make it easier? Are all good questions to consider when offering an RSS feed. Below are a few guidelines I created from my personal experience:

RSS and Web 2.0

The World Wide Web is getting a make over. Finally after a long time we're experiencing an online revolution that's worth talking about. Yes, it's got a new look, new feel and a cooler extension, the Web 2.0 is here. Microsoft's taking it very seriously, while Yahoo! can't stop raving about it. So what is web 2.0 and what has RSS got to do with it?

Learning The Basics Of RSS

What is RSS? You probably have seen this three-letter acronym in the course of your internet surfing. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary; syndicating means republishing an article that comes from another source such as a website.An RSS is a means of publicizing updates about websites. It may or may not include a summary and photos of the latest posting. But those that provide summaries (thus Rich Site Summary) allow users to skim through the article so ...

RSS Defined and Demystified

A friend of mine called me the other day to tell me that he thought our site wasn’t optimized very well. I said, “What do you mean? You know it takes awhile for natural optimization to kick in!” (I mean he is an IT guy and knows the site hasn’t been up that long).

Advertising: Coming Soon to a Blog/RSS Feed Near You

Advertising has always been part of our society. Online it's no different, and the number of ad options seems to increase daily. The latest target of advertisers is Blogs/RSS.

Top 6 Strategies to Put Your RSS Feed Promotion On Steroids

As I wrote in one of my previous articles, the orange revolution has begun. RSS is here and it has taken the internet by storm. The number of webmasters becoming a part of this online revolution is growing on a fast pace. The reason is, RSS feeds have proved to increase traffic in a big way. And creating your own RSS feed would surely be a step towards tapping in a new source of traffic.

RSS, Not Just A Blogging Tool

If you happen to be a blogger, you must be perfectly aware what role RSS (Really Simple Syndication) plays in the blogging world. This new way of sharing and distributing content has spread across the web like wildfire in the past few years. And blogs have played a major part in this dynamic growth, catapulting the technology in the stratosphere in a very short amount of time.

How to Create an RSS Feed for Your Web Site

Are you always looking for new and better ways to market your web site? Search engines are always on the look out for fresh content. When doing a search you don't want old content popping up, you want to have the most up to date information. Search engines will generally reward those sites which provide new content on a regular basis ie daily or even bi-weekly.

How to Syndicate Your RSS Feed

If you syndicate your RSS Feed or advertise it, you will get an immediate boost in traffic to your web site by others reading and/or linking to your information.

What are RSS Feeds, Readers and Aggregators?

An RSS feed is created in a non-HTML format called XML. RSS readers or aggregators can interpret and display that coding, but Web browsers can't. Soon, RSS/XML readers will be part of every browser and e-mail software. But for now, you need a separate reader.

RSS... And The 10 MOST Powerful Reasons WHY You Should Be Using It

RSS(Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is widely becoming a VERY powerful marketing tool on the NET and for Internet marketers around the world, the question is...

NEWS FLASH! Article Directories JUMP-ON The RSS Syndication Band Wagon

Quick question... do you publish 'Articles' on a regular basis? I'm talking like on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If so, then your in for a real treat.

Marketing Tips From The Tag And Ping School of Marketing

Tag and Ping, Google Analytics, Micro-Dissecting Logs, Visual PageRank... What does all those topics have in common?No, I haven't gotten into the happy-pill jar, just in case you're wondering! What does all those topics have in common? They are all marketing tactics or strategies I am presently using to promote and propel my sites into the ever increasing, all encompassing Internet stratosphere.Let's face it, there are countless marketing ...

Tips to Selecting an RSS News Aggregator

Reading RSS Feeds While many have resisted the urge to decipher the meaning behind the acronym RSS, the vast majority of technically knowledgeable online surfers have begun incorporating RSS into their daily routines. Why go through the hassle of understanding something new, the novice might want to know? Because it saves time, and time is a precious commodity these days.The contents of an RSS feed can be read any number of ways. A variety of tools, both fee based and free, to read ...

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