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Personal Tech Articles

Personal Tech Articles

A Brief History Of Ipod

iPod is a digital mp3 / mp4 player developed and marketed by Apple Inc., an American consumer electronics multinational corporation. During their research, Apple found that in comparison to available camcorders, digital cameras, and organizers; digital music players recorded poor sales, primarily due to their awful user interfaces. Apple wanted to do something about it and so Jon Rubinstein, Apple's hardware engineering chief brought together a team comprising of Tony Fadell (who dreamed of a ...

An introduction to iPod Mini

Ipod Mini was first released on February 20, 2004 and it delighted many. Being a smaller edition of Apple Computer’s Ipod first generation moveable audio player, it’s variety in colors (comes with limited colors, silver, gold, blue, pink, and green) appealed to the broader market. The Ipod Mini could be operated with both Macintosh and Windows PCs.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 vs. The Sony’s Playstation 3

Microsoft has tried to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world, such as Sony with the release of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 offers many new features that players will love:

The Console War - Three Decades and Counting

With the recent release of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the upcoming releases of Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii, gamers a like are becoming more aware of the fierce competition and tactics used by these three major players of the video gaming industry.

Drowning in the Sea of Email! - Tips on Dealing with the Clutter Factor

Many executives, in corporations of all sizes, are wrestling with the abundance of communication coming in via E-Mail, and now with the unified communications in play, we are starting to receive our voice messages, faxes and other communications into our email applications.

How to Start Learning Linux Using Your Windows XP Computer

If you were advised that you can't learn Linux using your Windows XP computer,you were given wrong information.

Protect Your Privacy by Erasing Tracks Left on Your Computer

When you browse the web information is continuously collected by the websites you visit and by your own computer. For example, websites at a minimum collect information about the web browser you use the operating system of your computer and the geography you reside from. However, what surprises most users is the amount of information that is collected on your computer from your surfing habits and daily use.

Computer Training - Choosing The Right Operating System

Choosing an operating system for a personal computer can be a difficult decision considering the wide variety available today. Nobody wants to purchase expensive software and then find out that they dislike the software and realize they have made a mistake. There are some free operating systems available now, but those have faults just like most other operating systems. Another factor in choosing the right "OS" is whether or not the user is experienced or not. You must always consider ...

Computer Training - Building a PC, Piece By Piece

Building a computer from piece by piece is the best way to get the computer you really want, in addition to being an entertaining process. There are many different parts that make up a computer but it doesn't take long to learn. Depending on what you will be using your computer for, the parts can be inexpensive or cost some serious dollars. People who are serious gamers are the ones who will most commonly need an extremely high-end computer setup. If you are not concerned as much ...

Electronic Modernization or Goal-Setting Frustration?

Is the electronic age thwarting some of your goal achievement efforts? * Are you a visual person? * Do you like (or even need) visual reminders for important long-term goals or short-term To Do List items? * Do you have all the latest gadgets, with everything neatly organized, but still have difficulty getting tasks done - (or done on time)? Don’t get me wrong - I love technology! It is a wonderful tool that has helped us become organized more ...

Interface Design - It's Not Yahtzee!

The interface is the face of the application behind which all of our instructional code is hidden; the interface between the user and the machinations for data crunching. It is imperative that the interface is well organised and easy to traverse with a mouse. I have seen command buttons thrown upon a form as if the developer were throwing dice in a game of yahtzee! (

A Buyers Guide to Dictaphones and Digital Voice Recorders

Dictaphones or Digital Voice Recorders (DVRs) are ideal for recording voice memos, interviews, conferences, meetings and phone conversations. The term Dictaphone is a brand name that refers to the version that uses cassette tapes to record, as opposed to the newer Digital Voice Recorders (DVR) that the save the audio to memory.

HDCP - The Worst Consumer Nightmare, or the best Digital Content Protection?

Why HDCP? As far as the content industry is concerned, all channels of distribution - whether it be through over-the-air signals, Blu-ray or HD DVD, and cable and satellite HDTV, need to be secured.Now, digital HD content delivered though DVI and HDMI represents the highest quality video available today. While great for the end-customer, it's also great for counterfeiters who can use DVI and HDMI connections to get at a perfect video signal.This is the background to ...

The Future is Now for the NY Times

Reading the morning paper just got a 21st century upgrade. The New York Times is now among the first newspapers to release an E-Paper format to subscribers. Soon subscribers will be synchronizing the latest copy of the NY Times and many other major papers from around the world to e-reader devices that are hitting the market this year.

The Ultimate Guide to Video iPod

Alright. So after all that hype about having a practical way of watching TV and movies while on the go, you have finally gone and bought yourself the new iPod. Now what?

Space and Time Saving Technology Offers a More Work Friendly Environment

The computer revolution of the past three decades has irrevocably changed the work landscape. Every conceivable industry, from waste management, to insurance, to publishing, relies heavily on PCs or Macs in every aspect of a business's day-to-day operation. Even hands-on, traditionally manual jobs such as auto repair use computers and other electronic equipment for diagnostic tests and to perform a multitude of tasks.

Electronic Modernization or Goal Setting Frustration?

Is the electronic age thwarting some of your goal achievement efforts? * Are you a visual person? * Do you like (or even need) visual reminders for important long-term goals or short-term To Do List items? * Do you have all the latest gadgets, with everything neatly organized, but still have difficulty getting tasks done - (or done on time)? Don’t get me wrong - I love technology! It is a wonderful tool that has helped us become organized more ...

How Does An LCD Screen Work?

LCD screens are uniquely modern in style, and the liquid crystals that make them work have allowed humanity to create slimmer, more portable technology than we’ve ever had access to before. From your wrist watch to your laptop, a lot of the on the go electronics that we tote from place to place are only possible because of their thin, light LCD display screens. Liquid crystal display (LCD) technology still has some stumbling blocks in its path that can make it unreliable at times, but on the ...

A Case For Cases. Ipod Cases That Is.

Have you recently bought an iPod? Or are you on the verge of buying one? Take a look around next time your out and about. iPods are becoming as prolific as cellphones. Of course they are! The iPod is such a great gadget! Do you know the first thing you must do after buying an iPod?

Can't See Your LCD Screen in the Sunlight? Use a Sunshade

Digital cameras, PDAs, color screen mobile phones, laptops, and many other modern portable multimedia devices make use of an LCD or TFT monitor. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display, while TFT means Thin-Film Transistor – usually simply just referred to, incorrectly, as LCD, as they appear to be identical to the end user, and they work on the same basic principle. They lend themselves to these applications well as they have very low power consumption, and a lightweight design. These two ...

Why do my Burned CDs not Play in my CD Player?

So you just burned a mix CD of your favorite tunes for a road trip you and your friends are going on. You play the disc back on your computer, everything works like a charm. You might have even tried playing it back on your new home stereo, and just like on your computer, it plays fine. You head out, pop the CD into your car stereo you bought in 1998, and………nothing. The disc just spins and you get no playback. I’ve had this happen to me on numerous occasions. And have always ...

Inside Camcorders: Terms, Definitions, DVD Formats/Capacities - What Camcorder is Best for You?

WHAT IS THE CAPACITY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MINIDV AND FULL SIZE DVD’S? DVD’s come in Two Sizes. The mini CD size of 80 mm (about 3 1/8” in diameter) and the Standard CD size of 120 mm (about 4 ¾” in diameter). The Full Size DVD’s look just like Standard CD’s. DVD’s have two useable sides. Each side can have two layers for a total of four layers per disc.DVD FORMATS AND CAPACITIES 120 mm (4 ¾”) DVD – FULL SIZE DVD DVD ROM ...

Getting Organized with Palms & OtherTechnology

There are many types of computerized organizing products that claim to save us time. We can choose between information or contact management software such as Outlook, Act!, Goldmine, InfoSelect, Now Up-To-Date (for the MAC), and many more. Then there are the PDAs (personal digital assistants), which fall into 2 categories: those that run on the Palm operating system, and Microsoft’s Pocket PC. But when I observe how people use these products, I see that many are just scratching the ...

Decoupling Superpages from Scatter/O in Local Area Networks

Abstract Context-free grammar [1,2,1] and extreme programming, while intuitive in theory, have not until recently been considered technical. in fact, few cyberneticists would disagree with the analysis of A* search. We omit a more thorough discussion due to space constraints. Our focus in our research is not on whether DHCP and web browsers [3,4,5,6,7] are regularly incompatible, but rather on constructing a compact tool for studying red-black trees (Vehm).1 IntroductionMany ...

Feature Overload Why are Consumer Electronics So Complicated?

It seems like everything is so complicated these days, especially anything electronic … which is more and more products everyday.

Computer Slow Processing Problems

This is not an uncommon problem these days when a computer got stuck up in performing some tasks or operations.

Wireless Linux: Using the Linux Wireless ToolBox

First thing you need to do is purchase a wireless adapter card with a prism2 chipset. Just go to google and type in linux wireless adapters and track one down.

Mounting Wireless Antennas: How High and Why?

Most wireless antenna and wireless access point manufactures usually say the higher the better went mounting. This is true but you must take in account: coverage area, height of the building, type of antenna and weather.

Wireless Routers: Features of DLinks DI 634M MIMO Wireless Router

If you are interested in purchasing a new wireless router you should consider DLINK's DI-634M. Many wireless routers such as the Linksys WRT54g have been on the market for many years which lack the speed and coverage of newer MIMO enabled routers. Features:

The Differences Between Short Run And Long Run Cd And Dvd Duplication And Replication

Your band has just completed your demo CD and you have to send it off to be copied for distribution. Somehow you get put in charge of taking care of the CD copying. Diving into the CD and DVD duplication company’s website, you’re bombarded with cryptic technical terms you don’t understand. Two of those terms in particular jump out at you, short run duplication and long run replication. What’s the difference, and what do they both mean exactly? Well, I’m here to de-mystify this ...

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