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Ebay Tips and Tricks

Ebay Tips and Tricks

Why it's a BAD Idea to Promote Hot Selling Products on eBay

Do a quick search on Google, Yahoo, or your favorite auction resource site, and you'll quickly discover there are several software programs targeted to vendors who want to promote hot selling products on eBay.

eBay Selling - How Good Customer Service Will Help Your eBay Seller Ratings

Anyone hoping to make money selling goods on eBay should be aware of the eBay quality of service ranking system. Sellers are rated through feedback from customers who have bought goods from them previously. There are thousands of sellers competing on eBay and potential customers will naturally gravitate towards the sellers who have a positive feedback rating. Developing a good customer service policy and maintaining it in all your eBay dealings is vital to your success.

A Beginner's Guide to Selling on eBay - 10 Tips for Success

10 Tips and Tricks for SuccessYou've been buying on eBay for a while and naturally, your thoughts turn to selling your own items. Yet, you're not quite sure where to start. First, you will need to sign up as a seller and provide all the information asked for and a credit card number. Once that is complete, you're ready to begin listing your items. Below, I've outline ten tips that will help make your auctions a success and reap you better profits from your sales. 1. Your title should ...

You have 3 seconds to sell your eBook on eBay...

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. While this maybe true in the book world in the eBook world it is a different story. Especially when selling your eBooks on eBay.

Getting Started in Ebay Marketing

If you have ever read an article on eBay, you'll have discovered the type of income people earn - it isn't strange to find out about people earning thousands of dollars per month on eBay.

What's Your eBay Reputation Really Worth?

What's Your eBay Reputation Really Worth?Do you feel that you will learn enough from this article to help you out with the subject matter at hand? Think you already know what this focus is all about? odds are that you don�t, but by the end of this item you will! Your eBay reputation is everything you are on eBay - left out it, you're nothing. Your reputation is worth as lots as every trade you will ever sire. If you've ever got something on eBay (and the ...

14 Ways to reduce your eBay & PayPal Fees-Non HTML

One of the top complaints against eBay is the level of fees. It is therefore surprising that many large eBay sellers make unnecessary and easily avoidable payments to eBay. This article lists 14 easy-to-implement ways to reduce eBay fees and improve the profitability of your eBay business.

Seven Ways To Streamline Your eBay Business

Building an work from home business on ebay can be fun, profitable, stress free and easy. It's little wonder that more and more people are turning to the internet and specifically ebay to build a new future for themselves. However, things can get a little overwhelming so it's essential to organise your business correctly from the start. Fortunately, there are many solutions & tips to cut down on the amount of eBay hours that you have to put in.

Setting-up Your eBay Business to Succeed

Many people do make good money with their eBay businesses. You can be one of those people if you take the right steps at the beginning to set up your business. You should approach an eBay business like any other. Do the necessary research first. Don't rush into it with dreams of making a quick fortune.

Top Five Ways to Quickly Improve Your Descriptions When Selling on eBay

Here are the top five ways to enhance your descriptions to increase your sales on eBay. 1. Take good pictures – Since buyers cannot touch or feel the items you are selling on eBay, your pictures need to be of the best quality in order for buyers to feel confident of the quality of your items. Your pictures need to be focused and excess area needs to be cropped out before you upload your photo. If you ever look at your pictures and think, “That’s good enough”, they aren’t. ...

Buying And Selling On eBay: How To Discover Those Sizzling Products To Help You Make Money Online.

You have finally made the decision; you want to earn some serious cash from the world’s #1 online auction site, eBay. Congrats. eBay, well those seeking to make purchases on eBay, paid for all new fishing equipment and my entire year of fishing, the first year I started buying and selling on eBay.

The Top Ten Reasons I Will Not Be Bidding On Your Auction

1. Your pictures are lousy…..sorry, but I really can’t see tell what your widget looks like. Your photo is out of focus and looks like you took it with a cell phone camera. Buy or borrow a digital camera.

Don't Get Scammed In Online Auctions

You can literally find almost anything for sale somewhere in an online auction. But, with most of the sellers being individuals and with it not being a face-to-face transaction there is a chance of getting scammed.

eBay Auction Home Business Tutorial: Start Low To Sell High!

I sell items on eBay and enjoy teaching others how to make money with eBay auctions, but I admit to doing my fair share of buying, too. Recently I found a few items I wanted to add to my collection, and even though I knew the items would go for several hundred dollars, I noticed the seller began the auction price at 99 cents. Is this a good idea?

The Secret To Achieving 100% Feedback On Ebay

Have you ever noticed how rare it is for high volume ebay sellers to have 100% feedback. It's not like they deliberately scam 1 or 2 % of there 2000 plus customers. They've streamlined the auction process, reduced the risk of faulty products and goods arriving damaged etc.

Building Credibility As An eBay Seller

As a seller on eBay, it's essential to have credibility and pass that confidence onto any potential bidders. eBays system of rating other members, known as feedback is one of the most important parts of your eBay account - however it's not the only way of projecting yourself as a trustworthy seller, here are five other tips to get your started.

Sniping Bargains On Ebay

After you’ve placed bids on a few things on eBay, the chances are good that, at one point or another, you will be beaten at the last minute by an eBay sniper. While this can be an extremely frustrating experience (and while it’s a reportable offense on eBay), the administration at eBay rarely acts on the report.

Knowledge Is Power - Using Ebay Market Research

New eBay retailers are often overwhelmed with all the choices they have to make—what to sell, what to charge, how to list an item. Thankfully, there are numerous tools available to answer those questions. eBay sold the data on every sale they’ve ever made to various companies. They’ve in turn, created tools to interpret that data and spot trends and patterns in it. According to Anthony Sukow, CEO of market research giant

Making Money With An eBay Business

Making money online has never been easier than it is now. One of the prime opportunities that exist today is with eBay. EBay, of course, is the revolutionary auction site that is now beginning to circle the globe.

EBay's Squeezing Store Owners

In an effort to justify the price increases by 3% and taking the eBay stores selling fees from 7% to 10%, Bill Cobbs, in an open letter to eBay entrepreneurs, attempted to calm the outrage. He says eBay is "Resetting the Balance of the eBay Marketplace". This outraged eBay Store users, who are making a business from the online auction moving inventory with the "Buy Now" feature, since their margins are slipping away as their auctions costs are climbing.

Free Traffic To Your Auction Listing With eBay Blogs!

eBay has recently jumped on the blog bandwagon. They have opened a new section of the website called eBay blogs. This allows a registered eBay user to sign up for and maintain a blog. This is a wonderful new feature and if you are serious about growing your eBay business then you should definitely consider signing up for an eBay blog. It is a very simple process that almost anyone can navigate through and easily set up your own blog. You do not have to have any special html knowledge. ...

What Are Your Rights As An eBay Buyer?

Your Item Buying Receiving Rights. Perhaps the seller forgot or made a mistake and never sent the item, or maybe it was somehow lost in the mail. Regardless of what took place, you paid for the item. Whether the undelivered item is the seller’s blunder or not, if it doesn’t get to it’s intended destination as described in the advertisement then you as the buyer have a right to a refund or replacement.

eBay Business - Longer Bidding Time The Bigger The Bank Balance

Is this your first business venture - if so you must be excited just at the fact of being your own boss with no 9 to 5 job - that is if your Ebay business is going to demand your full time attention to keep the pennies coming in?

Free eBay Secrets - Success Is To Sell - Successful Is To Sell More.

No doubt the reason you are doing a search for Free Ebay Secrets is because you have taken the first steps in running your own business and what is more you want it to be a success. Well you have taken the right route - because below are a few free tips on Ebay selling secrets. Success is to sell - Successful is to sell more.

eBay Selling Secrets - Live And Learn While You Give And Earn

Now that you have finalized your decision on making Ebay your primary business venture then you need to take one step at a time. The best way to do this is by selling your products and services part time while gathering valuable information on the selling secrets which will help in becoming successful.

Successful eBay Sellers - Sell Yourself 100% - Ignorance Wont Sell Products

Ebay the biggest online auction offering everyone a piece of the action whether a seller or buyer you would like to be. Skill and techniques are needed in any business venture to be successful so why not learn how Ebay is giving people the opportunity to do just that.

7 Ways to boost your eBay sales

We have all heard people say “You can sell anything on eBay” which leads to the impression that making money on eBay is easy. Unfortunately nothing in life is ever straight forward and building sales on eBay takes planning, time and a certain amount of trial and error. Optimising your eBay Presence Many sellers do not get the basics of eBay selling right, putting them at an immediate disadvantage. This article makes suggestions for improving your eBay ...

Selling Niche – The Way Forward in eBay eBook Selling

With the ever increasing competition in the eBay eBook market, sellers are forced to find new, original eBooks with very little competition.

The Ebay Story

The eBay Story Compared with other dotcom companies launched almost at the same time as eBay, none has ever reached the level of success and popularity among a very huge client base than that of eBay's. Throughout its existence, the company remained steadfast in surviving the bubble burst, but also maintained if not improved its position in the market today.

Making Money With an eBay Business

Making money online has never been easier than it is now. One of the prime opportunities that exist today is with eBay. EBay, of course, is the internet's most popular auction site. EBay has grown exponentially and is now a global community.

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